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5430Weekly prompt from Ruth and info re Silver Wings poetry magazine

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  • RUTH
    Jul 30, 2013
      Before I forget, here is this week's prompt from Ruth:

      Write about being in prison... If you've never been incarcerated, perhaps you could write about the feeling of being imprisoned, through life circumstances, or whatever.


      Now, on to other news. Thanks to a referral from Jan, I subscribe to Silver Wings, a Christian poetry magazine put together by Jackson Wilcox of Clovis, CA. He also publishes Haiku Hippodrome, a similar small magazine. These are free with only the request of a small donation occasionally to cover postage if you feel so inclined. Silver Wings comes every two or three months and Haiku Hippodrome comes less frequently.

      But, to get back on point, I offered Mr. Wilcox my services to get Silver Wings online and he accepted. When I receive the current issue I upload it to a free website for anyone to read. I cannot publish all his little personal drawings (he illustrates some of the poems he receives from his readers) due to bleed through from the back of the page when scanning, but the poems are there for your enjoyment.


      Keep in mind that, like most of us, these poets are amateurs who just want to share their work with others. You can also submit to Mr. Wilcox if you wish. There are also two small contests running at this time. Instructions are on the website.