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Re: Needed: a new Town Leader for PODHAJCE

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  • goodmanherb@yahoo.com
    Jean, You are so kind to have done this for so many years...and wise to look for a replacement. As you know from my posts.. I am just getting into the Podhajce
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2011

      You are so kind to have done this for so many years...and wise to look for a replacement. As you know from my posts.. I am just getting into the Podhajce story. I am personally too "green" on all of this, and so very busy at work to be of much use to you right now. I do want you to know how all of the work you have done has made it so much easier for me to begin this journey into my family's past. Thanks for all you have done. Hopefully one of the more experienced Podhajcer descendants will step up to the plate for you.


      --- In podhajce@yahoogroups.com, "Jean Rosenbaum" <mervinr@...> wrote:
      > Dear Fellow Podhajce Researchers,
      > For a number of years, I have been serving as the Gesher Galicia town
      > leader or historian for Podhajce. In that capacity, I instigated the
      > development of a Podhajce webpage and also made every effort to share
      > Podhajce information with you.
      > I am, thank G-d, in good health. However, I am now 81 years old and,
      > obviously, cannot expect to continue in this position indefinitely. It seems
      > vital to me that someone else in our group offers to take over this position
      > at a time when it still would be easy for me to work with you.
      > First of all, there are a couple of major items which will not have to
      > addressed by you. One is the translation into English of the Podhajce
      > Yizkor book; arranging for its translation is something of which I am proud.
      > A second is the improved formatting of the Podhajce Shtetlinks page and new
      > postings thereon. Our webmaster, Jerome Schatten does a great job with this
      > and has agreed to continue in this position.Here are some things that the
      > town leader should expect to do:
      > 1. You will receive from Yahoo all new letters to be sent to the group.
      > A decision to accept or reject each letter is made either by you or Jerome
      > Schatten. This is an easy task, as there are not too many letters and a
      > rejection is extremely rare.
      > 2.. Check periodically the Jewishgen Family Finder. If someone new has
      > posted a name from Podhajce,respond with an email welcoming them and urging
      > registration with the Yahoo group.
      > 3. Subscribe (it's free) to receive email from Jewishgen, Gesher
      > Galicia, and Ukraine SIGs (Special Interest Groups). . Any pertinent
      > information received is then shared through the Yahoo mailing or, if of
      > particular
      > importance, on the Podhajce webpage.
      > 4. A Town Leader should have some knowledge about Podhajce. This does
      > not mean the knowledge has to be in depth but, at least, the very basic
      > facts. I have enough information to turn over to a new leader that this
      > should not be a problem.
      > 5. Seek other sources of information about Podhajce. For example, I have
      > not explored possible records held by the Mormon Church.
      > If you want to consider volunteering for this position, I would be more
      > than happy to discuss it with you. Just send me your phone number and a
      > convenient time to call. I assure you that you will get much "nachas" from
      > helping yourself and others in their Podhajce research.
      > I will be happy to continue in my position until the end of March. I hope
      > that Podhajce will not become what Jewishgen calls an "orphan shtetl".
      > Jean Rosenbaum
      > Houston, TX
      > >P.S. If you have not joined the Podhajce Yahoo group, you've missed
      > >reading a lot of interesting correspondence between Podhajce researchers.
      > >It's not too late to join. The link is
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/podhajce
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