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Re: [podhajce] Surnames in Podhajce

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  • Elissa Sampson
    Yes. That is the same story then and the photo I sent is of that building. The building, located at 108 East First Street was built in 1926 as a synagogue
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 4, 2012
      Yes. That is the same story then and the photo I sent is of that building. "The building, located at 108 East First Street was built in 1926 as a synagogue for Congregation Masas Benjamin." Around 1990, the then rabbi sold the building and moved to Jerusalem. So it seems that the money may have gone into creating another shul and for whatever reason he apparently kept the original Podhajcer name, which is interesting since when he ran the building here he had called it Beth Yitchok. When it became an apartment building, the beautiful interior was destroyed although the exterior is intact. See: http://www.panmodern.com/synagoguespace.html 

      There were also the Podhajcer Young Men's Benevolent Association shul  I see from YIVO/Joint records also that the Young Men's Benevolent Association was still active in 1939.

      There were other shuls connected to the town in the Lower East Side such as the First United Podhaycer (see below). 

      26Rivington Street Podgaitsy, Ukraine First United Podhaycer

      I also see from past group emails that Jean Rosenbaum documented some of these other shuls including "The Podhajcer Rabbi Schulem Lilienfeld Association" 


      From: STEPHEN BAUMRIND <sjbaumrind@...>
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      The Synagogue I referred to is Massas Binyomin Anshei Podhajce in Maalot Dafna, Jerusalem and was dedicated April 20, 1992.

      From: Elissa Sampson <ejswoo@...>
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      Stephen et al,

      If your family's shul was sold around 1990, it is the building that you see below at 108 E. 1st Street, off of Houston Street. How that happened is its own story.

      There is another, older synagogue Lower East Side building which I can research. I think that Jean posted on it a while back and it may have been sold much further back, since I don't remember it as part of a "living" community.


      From: STEPHEN BAUMRIND <sjbaumrind@...>
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      Subject: Re: [podhajce] Surnames in Podhajce

      Hi Elissa,
      My great-grandfather Rabbi Sholom Baumrind and his son Rabbi Harold Baumrind were connected in one of the Podhajce synagogues in New York. It was sold and the funds transferred to create a synagogue in Israel. Could this be the synagogue you mention?
      Rabbi Sholom Baumrind came to this country in the late 1880s and I assume his father Mordecai and grandfather Rabbi Moshe Baruch Besin are buried in Podhajce. I wish there were a was to find out more about them than just names on my great=grandfather's tombstone.
      Thanks for your post.
      Capt. Stephen Baumrind, USCGR-RET

      From: Elissa Sampson <ejswoo@...>
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      Subject: Re: [podhajce] Surnames in Podhajce

      I also highly recommend both the video footage and the book "Together and Apart in Brzezany" by Simon Redlich. These two communities histories have been intertwined for a long time and the War brought them abruptly together.

      I am from the Stanton Street Shul, a.k.a., B'nai Jacob, Anshei Brzezan, which is about a five minutes walk from the remaining Podhacjer Shul here in the Lower East Side (see below). My name is Elissa Sampson, and I'm from the Kellner and Citron families in Podhacje. I, and one other immigrant from Podhacje, Abbie Roth who had left in the 1920s as a child, davened at the Brzezaner shul.

      This is a photo of the Podhacjer Shul's Yinglish gate (the building is now a residence with apartments). It was built in 1926, a relatively late date for a Lower East Side Shul.


      From: Cynthia Singer <CLS316@...>
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      Cc: CINDY <cls316@...>; Meylakh Sheykhet <meylach@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 3:33 PM
      Subject: Re: [podhajce] Surnames in Podhajce

      Hi all,
      My name is Cindy Lacher Singer.
      My maternal grandfather, Menachim Mendel Walfish was from Verbiv, and his brother,my uncle, was Shea Walfish (Wolfisch) who lived and perished in Podhajce (or more likely Berezhany) on Yom Kippur 1941. He was married to Babcia Milch.  Family lore was that he survived in the woods along with a son, returned to claim his home, and was then murdered. However, upon reading Dr. Bernard Milch's "Can Heavn Be Void" and his testimonies, I learned that Shea (his brother-in-law)was killed in Berezhany.  It is one of those mysteries of fate that my daughter and I were in Berezgany in 1996We and met a man who was willing to talk to us about the War. Later that day he assembled his entire family and told them for the first time what he had witnessed as a young boy. He spoke of how the ground moved for days and the blood flowed. We did record this but he was unwillng to provide permission to publish it. Now, I can hardly believe that I saw where, and heard from an eyewitness, about the probable slaughter of my uncle.

      Other family were GGF Ohring and  Chaim Muhlstock (from Glina).

      Any further information is greatly appreciated.

      By the way, I am just now reading "Together and Apart in Brzezany" by Simon Redlich. It covers the period 1919-1945. Some of my curiosity pertains to what "war" my grandfather was enlisted by the Poles and endrd up in Siberia as a POW around 1920 or so. He returned to Glina (home of my grandmother  Yidis Muhlstock Walfish, where my mother was born. They also lived in Pomurin and in Peremyshliany.

      On my paternal side, my Grandmother was Anna Paget from Bibrka. My grandfather was Isadore Lacher from Chororov ( or nearby).

      My last visit was in 1998. However, i am in frequent contact with Meylach Schocket. Some of you also have this pleasure of knowing him. I am hoping to raise money so that the Jewish Cemetery in Glina ( Glinianny) will be protected from privatization. We worked  on getting the Bibrka mass grave protected as well.

      I welcome another visit- with your group if that can be arranged.

      All the best.
      Cindy Lacher Singer
      Westport, CT

      On Jul 2, 2012, at 10:39 AM, "gwhaken" <gwhaken@...> wrote:

      It has been a long time since I posted so I am repeating my info. From the LDS Podhajce film I found Jutta Hacken married to Yechil David Loewe. They had two children, Isaak Loeb b. 1876 died at age 2 and Sara Gittel born 1879 and died at 5 months. The record did tell me that Jutta's mother Shaindel Leah Hacken was the midwife. Shaindel Leah Buchwald was married to Moishe Mendel Hacken and they lived in Vishnevchik which was very close to Podhajce. Many of the Hackens lived in the area. Always glad to share what I have found.

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