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74Re: [podhajce] Trip to Podhajce

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  • Francine Shapiro
    Jan 4, 2011
      I was there in 2001 with Alex Dunai as my guide. It's a small town. The synagogue needs renovation and restoration. It's really a neglected gem. The mill was destroyed in World War II, and the one standing is a new building. The original owner's wife is very old, but alive in Yavne. The cemetery was also unfenced, and still is. I think the goats do good work trimming the grass, but mine is a minority opinion.
         The town itself looks Jean Rosenbaum's pictures. They were building a Greek Catholic church, and I'm sure it's been completed by now. We actually had lunch in the little hotel. Things were pretty basic, but time moves on.
         My family was from Podhajce on one side. My grandmother was really born in Biela Konice, a hamlet about six kilometers away, but lived in Podhajce too, I think. Her parents died, but her grandfather made liquor in Tarnopol.
        Some of my Galveston relatives have Podhajce roots. They own a furniture store called Star Furniture, and it's been in business for the last 80 years. The woman who started the Podhajce blog, Jean Rosenbaum is the aunt of my late cousin's late husband.  
        We are Goldhirshes, Steins-- and whatever, if you happen to know them. Cindy Stein lives in Austin.
         If I were to do the trip again, I think I would also go to some of the major non-Jewish sights in the area. All the small towns are just that. It doesn't take long to see them.It is helpful to put these places in some sort of context- what other towns looked like, etc.We went through Rohatyn, which is particularly beautiful. The Austrians put some effort into beautifying the centers a little, and it's really aesthetic.
         The Perls are an interesting bunch. There was Josef Perl who started a modern school in
      Tarnopol, and wrote the curriculum himself.
      I am trying to remember if there was a Perl-I think there was- at the Podhajce ceremony in June at the  Nachlaot Yitzhak cemetery in Tel Aviv.
      Francine Shapiro

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      Subject: [podhajce] Trip to Podhajce
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      I am new as of this minute to this group....

      Grandfather was from Podhajce. I am thinking of traveling there this summer...perhaps from Budapest. Any tips greatly appreciated.

      Family name was Pearl or Perl.

      Most left late 1890's to either Galveston TX or NYC. Some left earlier to Safed Israel, where they became a prominent family....recently one of the descendants was the mayor of Safed.

      I have a cousin in Austin TX who is doing a major GENI.com family tree on Perl family...so if anybody out there is interested in or has a Pearl / Perl connection...he would love to know. His email is david.perl@...

      Trip advice to Podhajce greatly appreciated. Please contact me at
      herb.goodman@.... Thanks!

      Herb Goodman

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