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72Trip to Podhajce

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  • goodmanherb@yahoo.com
    Jan 3, 2011
      I am new as of this minute to this group....

      Grandfather was from Podhajce. I am thinking of traveling there this summer...perhaps from Budapest. Any tips greatly appreciated.

      Family name was Pearl or Perl.

      Most left late 1890's to either Galveston TX or NYC. Some left earlier to Safed Israel, where they became a prominent family....recently one of the descendants was the mayor of Safed.

      I have a cousin in Austin TX who is doing a major GENI.com family tree on Perl family...so if anybody out there is interested in or has a Pearl / Perl connection...he would love to know. His email is david.perl@...

      Trip advice to Podhajce greatly appreciated. Please contact me at
      herb.goodman@.... Thanks!

      Herb Goodman
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