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135Re: [podhajce] 2 Podhajce societies in New York

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  • Carol Gene Cohen
    Jun 29, 2011
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      Great work!!  Carol Cohen

      On Jun 28, 2011, at 9:44 PM, Jean Rosenbaum wrote:

      I have obtained the incorporation certificates for two societies founded in 
      New York City by people who immigrated from Podhajce.

      1. The Podhajcer Young Men Benevolent Association actually recorded two 
      Certificates of Incorporation. The first was dated November 11, 1901. Its 
      stated purpose was "To hold meetings for the intellectual and spiritual 
      advancement of its members and also for the benefit and charitable purposes 
      and to assist its members in case of distress, to bury such as may die". 
      The only names listed in the document (all in New York City) are those of 
      the directors: President-Harry Greenberg (171 Eldridge St.), 
      Vice-President-Joe Binder (235 Broome St.), Recording Secretary-Simon 
      Frankel (115 Stanton St.), Financial Secretary-Joe Biller (238 Second St.), 
      Treasurer-Max Greenberg (171 Eldridge St.).

      The second Certificate of Incorporation was dated August 29, 1903. In this 
      one, the purpose is "To promote social intercourse among our members, to 
      help and offer voluntary aid and assistance to them when in distress". The 
      signers of this document (all in New York City) are Harry Greenberg (77 East 
      First St.), Izy Kerner (143 Essex St.), Louis Schulster (101 Clunton St.), 
      Max Greenberg (233 Second St.) , and Joe Binder (235 Broome St.).

      2. The Certificate of Incorporation for The Podhajcer Rabbi Schulem 
      Lilienfeld Association was dated February 5, 1917. It says that the name 
      came from "a certain village in the province of Galicia, in the Empire of 
      Austria,and the words Rabbi Schulim Lilienfeld being the name of a Rabbi in 
      that village." Also "The objects for which this corporation is formed shall 
      be to voluntarily aid and assist its members in times of sickness and 
      distress; to promote the social and moral welfare and standing of its 
      members; to disseminate among its members and to imbue them with the spirit 
      and feeling of brotherly love; and to encourage thrift and frugality among 
      its members."

      There were twelve directors listed:
      Morris Lilienfeld 445 Amboy St, Bklyn.
      Bezalel Rosen 128 Rivington St., Manh.
      Leib Schapiro 284 E. 3rd St., Manhattan
      Morris Mates 251 Stanton St., Manhattan
      Aron Reitman 143 Orchard St., Manh.
      Samuel Weinreb 225 E. 6th St. Manh.
      Isador Bessan 165 N. Houston St., Manh.
      Sam Kerner 151 Ludlow St., Manh.
      Louis Krietzman 445 Amboy St., Bklyn.
      Meyer Heimowitz 1186-43rd St., Bklyn.
      Louis Herman 12 Ellery St., Bklyn.
      Moses Weiser 146 Norfolk St. Manh.

      Jean Rosenbaum
      Houston, TX

      P.S. If anyone recognizes a family name and would like a copy of one of the 
      documents, just let me know.

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