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  • Harold Johnson
    Hi Alex, Welcome to the list - your contribution to podcasting is appreciated! I checked out your directory and I ll be adding it to my weblog,
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 1, 2005
      Hi Alex,

      Welcome to the list - your contribution to podcasting is appreciated!
      I checked out your directory and I'll be adding it to my weblog,

      I have a suggestion for you. Since my podcast "Something that
      Happened" is relatively far down any alphabetical listing, I would
      suggest providing alphabet or alphabet series (i.e., A-F, G-J...)
      links to your directory pages. For some it will seem obvious to click
      the "Next" link to see what else is there, but for others it may not
      be so obvious. Also, as your list grows, folks will want to jump to
      certain listings through as few clicks as possible rather than
      clicking "Next" over and over.

      I would also suggest adding a Narrative or Storytelling category.
      Again, that's because my podcast falls within that category, and it's
      something I'd be looking for.

      The site looks good so far - it's simple and easy to browse, and has
      room for growth (as it most certainly will, exponentially).

      Harold J. Johnson

      On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 07:55:19 -0000, alex_nesbitt <alex_nesbitt@...> wrote:
      > I'm new to the list so forgive me if this has been addressed
      > already.
      > I am interested in learning about the group's ideas about the best
      > ways to help new podcast listeners find the podcasts they want to
      > hear.
      > I came across podcasts after doing some research on an article I
      > wrote describing how its becoming an iPod world. The concept being
      > that the people of the world have been incredibly stressed out over
      > the passed four years - 9/11, bombings, irag, afganistan, tidal
      > waves, politics - you name it, it has been stressful, except for the
      > iPod.
      > It's growth has been incredible and the growth has been for many
      > reasons -but high on the list are that it made people's lives easier.
      > Now podcasts come along and finding podcasts that i like is hard. Not
      > very iPod like. OPML gives me little to go on. Descriptions don't
      > tell me why I should listen.
      > I've started a list of podcasts to try to sort it out - you can see
      > half off it at www.digitalpodcast.com which I put together to help me
      > sort it out. I still have another 300 listings to add, but am
      > struggling to find the best way to caterogize them now that I'm
      > approaching over a 1000 different podcasts.
      > Any ideas?
      > Alex
      > www.digitalpodcast.com
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