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Re: [podcasters] Hardware/Software

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  • Nicole Simon
    ... Hm I think I just wrote a lenghtly thing about that and deleted it because it did not fit into the article *grr* (1 Euro is about 1.3 dollar) I started of
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 1, 2005
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      "Geek News" <geek@...> wrote:
      >Ok folks I am doing some research and would love to have raw hardware and
      >software list so that I can build a list of tools everyone is using.

      Hm I think I just wrote a lenghtly thing about that and deleted it because
      it did not fit into the article *grr*

      (1 Euro is about 1.3 dollar)

      I started of with a headseat for 20 Euro. I wanted one anyway for skyping
      and did my first pods with it. But it has a kind of metalical sound to it
      which I did not like (yes I am picky about how my voice sounds and want it
      to be better than that *g*)

      As I have fried who has a very very costly studio setup because he is
      musican plus kind of producer I have my personal consultant - and some
      things I have from there which I have not paid but have to return one day.

      After finding "yes I would like to make this more often) I decided to
      invest some money. As I do also a radio show (and sometimes have to
      rerecord some bits), soundfiles for telephone systems and my website, the
      quality from my headphone was not good enough.

      While thinking about the uses _I_ would probably have, I discovered these
      - I won't need a mixer as I don't do much sound in my podcast and
      if I do, i edit it into the soundfile
      - I want recording of skype but I don't have the mixdown because I
      have a built in soundcard
      - usb would be nice

      I did by myself a little tascam usb-122 because I figured that my voice
      will be best recorded with a studio mic - and they usually do have XLR
      sticker and need phantom power. It is usb powered.

      The studio mic I use is a 30 Euro mic but has no label on it - it's just a
      basic studio mic. I agree on the mic but Jimmy Jett used a karaoke mic, so
      there might be good mics out there with out the costly cookie recepie. ;)

      Advantage with this solution:
      My headset is still plugged into my computer for head / mic and my normal
      headphones are plugged into the tascam - so i have do not need to change
      settings for a skype session.

      For editing I use an older version of Cool edit - I noticed I can do
      editing best here, but that is a personal thing.

      But for recording, I do use audacity. I figured that Cool Edit is 'to
      precice' in recording. I am 30 cm away from my mic and you hear this when I
      record in cool edit - I would need to lean toward the mic which gives me
      backpain. But not in audacity.

      I record in mono, split stereo in audacity and save in wav, edit this in
      the mixer of cool edit and then make a mixdown in mp3.

      For quality I used 32 Khz and 80 kbit but am thinking about changing it to
      44 or 22 Khz because I never tried my own stuff on my palm, there seems to
      be a problem with != 22/44 recordings.


      podcasts: http://gnak.de/ - http://useful-sounds.de/ (english)
      blogs: http://beissholz.de/ - http://ideengeberin.de/
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