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Re: [podcasters] Too much butt-kissing in Podcast Land

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  • Matt May
    ... We used to call ass-kissing linking . I think this is worth some discussion. A lot of this is simple affinity: I do some stuff some others do, so I want
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 20, 2004
      On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 20:07:55 -0000, Tim Bourquin <tncnewmedia@...> wrote:
      > Absolutely right Harold. My brother and I recently did a podcast
      > about all the ass-kissing that seems to be going on in Podcast Land
      > these days.

      We used to call ass-kissing "linking".

      I think this is worth some discussion. A lot of this is simple
      affinity: I do some stuff some others do, so I want to give them some
      juice. (btw, I suck at this, and apologize profusely to Indiefeed,
      Insomniac Radio, Coverville, Down with the Chairman, SquaresCubed, and
      anyone else I should be juicing but forget until seconds after the
      euphoria of not fucking up another segment passes.)

      If you don't like it, wait a while. We're at the point where
      podcasters more or less still know each other by name. (And in the
      case of Dave Slusher, by theme song.) Provided podcasting doesn't
      implode on itself, this period will be over by March, and the Daily
      Source Code plugs and all that will go from a feasible means of
      getting lots more traffic to a new podcast, to a lottery in which the
      winner gets slashdotted/boingboinged into a smoking crater. (Sidebar:
      if this phenomenon comes to pass, I think that the verb form of
      getting nailed by a link from/mention on DSC should be
      "boioioioioioioinged".) That has nothing to do with Adam, and
      everything to do with power laws.

      Being in the Pod Squad doesn't permanently protect a podcaster from
      reverting to the mean. It just means it'd take longer, if they're not
      informative, entertaining, or active enough. As far as the Pod Squad
      goes, if one of them sucks, they suck, and their audience will
      discover it. Mostly, I sense that people right now are upset that they
      may be denied the opportunity to show other people they suck. As it

      > It's pretty ridiculous. People should stick to their show's content
      > and if it's interesting it will build listeners on its own.

      People should focus on doing the best show they can, sure, but I think
      they're going to get more listeners by banding together and talking
      about each other's shows than by trying to stay out of the
      name-dropping game entirely.

      I think it's less likely that listener growth will happen organically
      (or it will happen less frequently) as compared to blogs. Podcast
      listeners (is "broadcatchers" the word this week? I missed the memo.)
      need a nudge in order to take the time to download and listen to
      something new. That's something we're just starting to wrap our heads
      around, but we need to be aware that human bandwidth is limited in
      this medium, and people aren't going to have 100 podcasts they follow
      regularly. It's more like radio than blogging in that respect, and we
      as a medium are going to have to start thinking like that. I've been
      listening to podcasts for the last couple months now, and I already
      sense the information overload turning my brain into some kind of

      Not plugging staccatomusic.org in this space at all
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