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Re: [podcasters] iTunes to support Podcast in two months

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  • Evo Terra
    ... That s what we thought. In case I haven t pounded it into the ground enough on this list, there are three places to find serialized fiction (podiobooks, if
    Message 1 of 25 , May 26, 2005
      Chris Brooks wrote:

      > Serialized fiction is now a perfect candidate for a subscription
      > service. You download a new 2 hour segment every week, and each
      > segment ends with a cliff-hanger. You can't find out what happens
      > unless you continue to subscribe.
      That's what we thought. In case I haven't pounded it into the ground
      enough on this list, there are three places to find serialized fiction
      (podiobooks, if you will) right now:

      http://dragonpage.com - Three original works of fiction by three
      pioneers in the field.

      http://www.ipodder.org/directory/4/podcasts/categories/audioBooks/ - As
      soon as I see or hear about a new podcast of a book, it goes here.
      Fiction, non fiction and even some guy reading the dictionary one page
      at a time. Hey, whatever flies your dress up.

      http://podiobooks.com - I almost hesitate driving traffic to the site at
      this point. We're busting humps to get a beta out by the middle of June
      with much more control over your subscriptions than you have now, plus
      adding a slew of new podiobooks from authors who are holed up in their
      basements, some refining and some learning the art of speaking what they
      write down. But I'm pretty sure you'll like it when it's done!

      > The difference is that (according to the Wall Street Journal) audio
      > books are currently only made if the hard-cover version of a book is
      > expected to sell 50,000 copies. That means that only the best selling
      > books are available as audio books. If the current generation of
      > podcaster is to play in that space they need credibility.
      Or maybe just a different distribution model than is currently offered
      by print and audio books? Making an audio book is expensive in the areas
      of time, talent, production and distribution costs. Podiobooks change
      that model significantly. Podcasting isn't radio, and podiobooks aren't
      audio books. I'm disinclined to follow what has been done in the
      traditional print world.

      > There might be a business opportunity there, though. If someone could
      > acquire the audio rights to some really good serialized fiction, they
      > might be able to start a new kind of "book of the month" club -- one
      > that people might pay $10 a month for. Magnatunes for spoken word
      > fiction.
      Workin' on it! ;)

      Evo Terra

      Coiner of "podiobooks" (http://podiobooks.com)
      And compulsive podcast host (http://dragonpage.com &
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