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  • codywhanson
    Far be it from me to begrudge anyone trying to make an honest buck for their hard work, but I have a couple of huge problems with this weekend s news from the
    Message 1 of 80 , May 2, 2005
      Far be it from me to begrudge anyone trying to make an honest buck for
      their hard work, but I have a couple of huge problems with this
      weekend's news from the Strategy 'Cast and the NY Times' Sirius

      Podcasting succeeds when, and only when, it departs from traditional
      radio models. In adopting traditional radio revenue models and using
      satellite radio to broadcast podcasts, Bloom & Curry are assuring that
      podcasting will be viewed by millions as a novelty subset of radio.

      Radio sucks.

      Podcasts that sound like radio suck.

      I, and dozens of others, have made various efforts to get Adam Curry's
      attention in order to get a mention on DSC, knowing that it was the
      surest way to get the attention of other podcasters and podcast
      listeners. The Sirius show will only increase this phenomenon. Only
      now, people looking to get that attention will be thinking about their
      shows in the context of what they'll sound like in a radio broadcast,
      not a podcast.

      The Strategy 'Cast showed me exactly the extent to which Ron Bloom in
      particular seems to misunderstand the power of podcasting. In one
      instance, Bloom asked why he was not getting information via podcast
      on a Friday about what was going on in his area over the weekend.

      Podcasts are pre-time-shifted. If I don't happen to listen to this
      hypothetical local weekend events podcast in the 24 hours or so after
      it's posted, which I often don't, then it's worthless to me, and I've
      wasted time, hard-drive space and my iPod battery skipping past the
      show. And if I'm not a big podcasting geek, and not an iTunes smart
      playlist maniac, then the outdated podcast is going to sit there, only
      to come up again when I'm using shuffle.

      A more appropriate medium for time-sensitive content? Radio.

      So, Ron and Adam are assuring the launch of dozens more radio retread
      podcasts, which cheapen the medium, make it less user-friendly, and
      which fundamentally misunderstand the potential of RSS-delivered media.

      Dave Winer, you're a cranky bastard, and the sound quality on your
      podcasts is still crap, but once again you're ahead of the curve.
      Kudos on walking away from this venture.

    • Gavin Impett
      I think you are basically right. Satelite radio is a t-rex competing with the rats after the meteor hit. They are going extinct and they don t know why. My
      Message 80 of 80 , May 5, 2005
        I think you are basically right. Satelite radio is a t-rex competing
        with the rats after the meteor hit. They are going extinct and they
        don't know why. My guess is the switch to a podcast format will speed
        up the process of switching to a decentralized network business model.
        The difficulty I see on this site, is the large amount of posters who
        are committed to a cheeter/Marxist/artist ideology - art for art's
        sake and the artist who profits from their art is a "sell-out."
        Charles Darwin based his theory of evolution by natural selection on
        Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nation's, not Das Capitol, as some of you
        clearly believe.

        The current Darwinian thinking treats art as a kind of peacock's tail,
        meaning a display of sexual health. For the reader's go get The Mating
        Mind: How sexual choice shaped the evolution of Human Nature, by
        Geofrey Miller. For the watcher's, go rent A Beautiful Mind.

        Yours in Darwin,
        Gavin Impett

        On 5/5/05, Chris Kalaboukis <ck@...> wrote:
        > --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "Jake Ludington" <jake@j...> wrote:
        > > If the show points to Reel Reviews and says, "Here's a cool podcast
        > > you should check out, listen up" what's the harm to podcasting. The
        > worst
        > > thing that happens is podcasting enters the mainstream consciousness
        > instead
        > > of being something a bunch of geeks are fumbling around with in their
        > > basement. Why does it matter how it enters the mainstream
        > consciousness?
        > >
        > > I don't think that Podshow or the Sirius show will hurt any of us and
        > > even might help us get more listeners from the "halo effect". My
        > We'll see. I'm thinking for subscribing to Sirius just to see if any "off
        > channel" podcasts are mentioned, or any layperson descriptions are provided
        > to help people get "traditional" podcasts. If they don't point to the rest
        > of us, theres probably little chance that it's a good thing for the overall
        > Podcast community.
        > Plus, why would Sirius want to point people to traditional podcasts? That
        > would just drive customers off satellite radio to podcasts.
        > IMHO, satellite radio is an interim evolution of radio. Podcasting is
        > actually a further evolution beyond satellite radio. Beyond podcasting,
        > we'll have streaming real-time wirelessly delivered podcasts.
        > So in my mind, satellite radio is a step back in the evolution of radio.
        > thanks...chris
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