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Re: Another story from NYC Newsday about podcasting/how to find more stories.

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  • Andrew Baron
    ... Well, since they mentioned Rocketboom I can add some commentary on the story. While almost all of the facts about Rocketboom are wrong, the story was
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 29, 2005
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      > > it'd probably add value if you included some information
      > or
      > > commentary about the links . . .

      Well, since they mentioned Rocketboom I can add some commentary on the
      story. While almost all of the facts about Rocketboom are wrong, the
      story was written by a woman named Abigail and I think it represents a
      great example of how a writer comes to learn about and then report on
      something of this nature.

      When she contacted me out of the blue, it was clear that she really
      had no idea what podcasting was and had no idea what rss was. You can
      remember what that was like. This was almost a month and a half ago
      for her.

      To me her article demonstrated a nice work of journalism because she
      took her time in getting to know all of the details and actually, I'm
      sure, her article only covered the surface of what she must of found
      out though all of her research over all of that time. I consider this
      to be a massive amount of work for what it looks like, so I think its
      a positive thing.

      As to the facts about Rocketboom, both Amanda's age and my own age are
      not correct and the number of subscribers that she mentioned was not
      correct, but also that was over a month and a half ago. At the time we
      were getting around at least 6000 video views per day, but not so many
      "subscribers" using RSS enclosures.

      This leads to another recent post that someone mentioned about
      subscriber stats.

      I have NEVER before blabbed about our stats but now that they are
      being misreported, and while I have no intention of hiding our stats,
      I will tell you this about it:

      I cant tell what are stats are because its all spread out but here is
      what I've gathered:

      We are have somewhere at the very least, 17,000 video views per day
      and have had as many as 25,000 videos viewed on some days. All this, I
      can track.

      The high days came recently around an MSNBC Technology article by
      Michael Rogers a week or so ago. This was the first mention we have
      had in a major news story. This Newsday article is the second or third

      Only a small amount of our audience are actually "subscribers" using
      our own rss enclosure feeds. Though people watch in ANT, the most
      popular videoblogger RSS enclosure player, and most of the popular
      ipodder-whatever players ;) , we still have less than 6000
      "subscribers" [available video content with rss is way behind
      podcasting but growing at a phenomenal rate].

      Over 50% of the 17,000+ is being watched via bittorrents. I have no
      idea where these people are coming from but most of them take the
      files and reseed them on various bittorrent players, and often show up
      in the stats.

      We allow people to take the files and redistribute for non commercial
      purposes so we lose track and website/blog references on an
      international level are appearing in our logs but not in Google or
      Technorati. We could embed hyperlink pings back to our server at
      differnt time intervals from inside our video files, to let us how far
      people are watching though and to keep track of some redistributed
      files, but that's a little scarry in a privacy-issue kinda way. . .

      There are also major services like the new Open Media Network (OMN)
      which uses a p2p underpin like bittorrent but their own deal. They
      featured us on their home page for the first few days while they
      launched and did not provide any links to our website or report on how
      many downloads there were of our content. That's because they take the
      file out of our enclosure and put it on their own server and send it
      out to everyone from there. I'm not complaining, it meets our
      distribution policy, though it would be nice to know how many people
      are watching it though them. Kinda lame but they are in "Beta".

      I hope this is useful or helps to give a perspective on where
      videoblogging is at, as far as I know. By the way,
      bandwidth/cost-wise, our daily videos are typically only about 3-4
      min. I have heard this is about half the file-size of say, Adam
      Curry's average longwinded, oops, i mean, important .mp3 files.

      p.s. Just teasing! - I raise my glass to both Adam and Dave and all of
      you for what you have done as a precedence for videoblogging.
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