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Saturday Morning Theatre debuts

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  • ttgdmt
    Hey all, I know this group frowns on plugging, but this is the only announcement you ll see about this show. It s my new endeavour and I m proud of it. I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2013
      Hey all,

      I know this group frowns on plugging, but this is the only announcement you'll see about this show. It's my new endeavour and I'm proud of it.

      I've launched a new audio drama anthology series called Saturday Morning Theatre. If you are a fan of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, I think you'll really like this new project. It's chock full of family friendly fun and it all debuted on April 6th!

      I'm excited about this project because, being an anthology series, it allows me to write in all sorts of different audio drama styles. The first show in the series is The Adventures of The Thunder Crester. It's an exploration of the superhero genre and those who've heard early samples have called The Thunder Crester 'The Seinfeld of Superheroes.'

      After the first twenty episode 'season' of The Adventures of The Thunder Crester finishes, we'll move on to other shows such as The Tales of Deputy Guppy (an underwater western) and The Mysterious Mysteries of Toby Taylor - Fruit Magician (a mystery detective series...with fruit) and more!

      If any of this interests you at all, head on over to www.SaturdayMorningTheatre.com for subscription information.

      Would love to hear your thoughts.


      Grant Baciocco
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