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MediaGauge Messages Beta?

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  • Michael Sitarzewski
    Hey all, We re looking for beta testers for the new MediaGauge Messages product we ve just released. We re introducing a special podcaster s edition soon and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2012
      Hey all,

      We're looking for beta testers for the new MediaGauge Messages product we've just released. We're introducing a special podcaster's edition soon and would like your help.

      In short, MediaGauge Messages allow you, in real-time, to send messages to people watching or listening to your content. This includes the massive evergreen content library with static ads you've been building for years. :)

      You can send notices of new live recordings, links to polls while you're recording, sponsored links to sponsor sites - the possibilities are endless. The messages appear in the upper right corner, just like a Growl alert or the notification center on a Mac.

      MediaGauge works with PowerPress in HTML5 mode (and bunches of other players), and doesn't interfere with the Podtrac/RawVoice download analytics in any way.

      If you're interested, let me know. Right now, the beta will be free for up to 100 messages per day. We'll offer revenue splits and other perks in the near future.

      To find out more about Epic Playground's MediaGauge, go here: http://epicplayground.com

      Thank you. :)

      Michael Sitarzewski
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