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The Political Opera House - COMING TOMORROW !!!

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  • Pat Cook
    Just in time for Vlomo 2011 (Those of you on the Podcasters Group who either don t know what Vlomo is or think it s alphabet soup,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2011
      Just in time for Vlomo 2011 (Those of you on the Podcasters Group who either don't know what Vlomo is or think it's alphabet soup, visit http://vlomo2011.tumblr.com/ for more information :) ) !!!!!

      As previously announced (And discussed in the Podcasters Group), I am launching a new podcast

      The name of the new podcast is THE POLITICAL OPERA HOUSE

      Why The Political Opera House you ask?  Simple.

      EVERYONE strives to be Luciano Pavaroti while in the shower, right?  Of course.  Well this is a daily weekday only podcast that is recorded as I'm taking my shower while attempting to become the Luciano Pavaroti of soapbox politics

      Think of it as a "Showercast" as it were

      Hence the name POLITICAL OPERA HOUSE !!!!! :)

      Now, to meet the Vlomo requirements (And to establish the podcast), I anticipate doing about 25 episodes.  I **WILL** do a Thanksgiving Day episode but likely **WILL NOT** do one the following day due to there being no political news

      As it stands now, I'm making final preparations on my end for the big day.  In the meantime, see ya then

      HAPPY VLOMOING !!!!! :)

      Cheers :)
      Pat Cook
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