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Re: Bluehost?

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  • tapeleg
    Apple has much better things to do than to fix the problems with podcaster s feeds. If they took the time to fix everyone s issues (most of which are
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      Apple has much better things to do than to fix the problems with podcaster's feeds. If they took the time to fix everyone's issues (most of which are self-imposed), they wouldn't have time for much else. I think they could make things a little easier, like making a real setting and set up page for podcast owners, where they could just plug in a new feed (and validate that feed within iTunes), but for something they aren't making any money on, they don't do that poorly with podcasts.

      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, Gwen Orel <gwenorel@...> wrote:
      > I'm here to tell you though that while they mean well they are not the most efficient people. One team will fix it and then another will unfix it.
      > I know whatever I do I don't want to mess around with my feed again-- but my issues were slightly different. I think I can keep the feedburner feed even if I end up switching to wordpress. My issue was that my feedburner feed was the whole blog, and the podcast episodes as a result weren't properly archived by itunes. I created a second feed just for the podcasts, using a blogger tab, and that works like a charm.
      > It does mean if anyone on itunes goes to the link, they are sent just to the page of podcasts, not the home page, but the tabs are there so if they want to know more they can.
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