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a few tech issues with new cast

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  • Michael
    Hello! Whew, where to begin. Well, my friend and I have a new fun and feisty podcast, http://www.gunsandweed.com/podcast/ It launched last week, and is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2011

      Whew, where to begin.

      Well, my friend and I have a new fun and feisty podcast,

      It launched last week, and is "working." But I have three issues with the feed. Maybe there are some people who have had some of these issues, and will know the solutions?

      First, I'm using the latest versions of WordPress, the FD FeedBurner Plugin for WordPress, and I'm using FeedBurner. I'm using the second-latest version of PodPress, a new one came out a day after I launched, I tried installing it, but it broke everything, so I uninstalled and re-installed the old one.



      I did not submit it twice, maybe someone else submitted it (as Evo told me when I asked him, "anyone can submit a podcast"). Or maybe iTunes auto-"tasted" that there are two RSS feeds in the code of podcast page, that both have identical feed information:

      I didn't intentionally set it up to have two identical feeds, it "just kinda happened."
      is the one I submitted to iTunes store.

      That second one
      is picking up iTunes user comments on iTunes Store from a different podcast I used to do and quit doing about six months ago, "Radio Free Nestlandia." That's probably because, instead of deleting the Nestlandia.com domain, I redirected it in DreamHost to point to the new URL, http://www.gunsandweed.com/podcast/
      to pick up straggelers still looking at the old site. After I figured that out, I removed the re-direct in DreamHost, and just put a placeholder at Nestlandia.com that says "Please visit our new podcast", with a link to http://www.gunsandweed.com/podcast/
      But the comments are still up there on iTunes store. i.e. there are user comments from a defunct podcast showing up a comments on a new podcast

      I've also written to the iTunes Store from iTunes, two days ago, and asked them to remove the second listing
      so in the future if people subscribe to that one, if iTunes ever figures out it's listed twice and deletes one, I won't lose as many subscribers. Better to delete it now than later.

      I burned a feed from

      in FeedBurner, and got this:
      and linked that on the "RSS podcast" rectangular image the right side of my podcast website. I linked the "iTunes" rectangular image the right side of my podcast website to the iTunes link I want to keep, the first one of the two (the one NOT picking up comments from Radio Free Nestlandia, the one I did NOT ask iTunes Store to delete), this one:

      I'm assuming that ISSUE 1: iTunes Store listing the podcast twice, MIGHT get rectified by iTunes store in a few days, and they'll delete the second one, but I just wanted to explain that in case it is behind any of my other issues.

      FWIW, that second RSS feed,
      if you put it into a browser, now resolves to the FeedBurner feed:

      The other feed, http://www.gunsandweed.com/podcast/?feed=podcast
      Is NOT resolving to the feedburner feed in the browser.

      Also: Did I ask iTunes Store to delete the wrong listing?

      ISSUE 2: WordPress IS ADDING AN EXTRA WORD "PODCAST" INTO MY FEED TITLE. i.e. the title of the podcast is "The Guns and Weed Podcast", but it's showing up in iTunes Store as
      "The Guns and Weed Podcast » podcast". I edited the show title in my interface at "edit feed details" on the FeedBurner website, and it fixed it on iTunes Store almost immediately, but then the next day that issue was back.

      The first feed that I burned in FeedBurner was this:
      but I quickly noticed and edited in "edit feed details" to this:

      That first one,
      does not currently resolve to anything. It's 404 in a browser, as it should be.

      I have screenshots of my PodPress settings, if seeing those would help, I can upload them somewhere and link.

      ISSUE 3: iTunes Store is taking a LONG time to update listing of new episodes. Like 24 hours. though it did HAVE the new episode AVAILABLE and downloading immediately (I subscribed from iTunes Store) when I hit "update podcast" in iTunes, it didn't list it until the next day, and after I'd tried the "nuclear option" re-sync in FeedBurner. (First I tried pinging in FeedBurner, that did not work.)

      (I released a mini-episode, "Freedom of Ingestion – Dueling", which is just a short song we did, between episodes, 24 hours after the last full episode, basically as a test to see if things were fixed. They weren't.)

      The other listing on iTunes store
      is still not updating listing of the new episode , though it also had the new episode AVAILABLE and downloading immediately (when subscribed from iTunes Store).

      Whew! I think that's all. Anyone know answers for these burning questions about life?

      Michael Dean
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