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Re: [podcasters] Video Podcast Questions

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  • Michael Johnson
    I use blip.tv, you just upload the video there and they will send it to itunes. you can also embed the vids on your blog. Thanks Mike Learn the secrets to
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      I use blip.tv, you just upload the video there and they will send it to itunes. you can also embed the vids on your blog.

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      --- On Sat, 10/16/10, Shawn Thorpe <shawnogordo@...> wrote:

      From: Shawn Thorpe <shawnogordo@...>
      Subject: Re: [podcasters] Video Podcast Questions
      To: podcasters@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010, 5:11 PM

      You can use WordPress and PowerPress for video podcasting. I've done it. It
      works just as well for video as it does for audio. A cool feature that was
      recently added to PowerPress is the ability to include embed codes from
      sharing sites such as YouTube so that on your own site, visitors can play
      the embedded video via YouTube (or whatever video site you use) or they can
      download the podcast file (either as a direct download or via RSS
      subscription). You can see an example of what I mean here:


      The advantage to this over embedding your own files though PowerPress's
      default Flash player is that, embeds from sharing sites tend to load faster.
      (This isn't a PowerPress issue, it's a bandwidth issue.)

      The m4v format is required for videos to play on an iPhone, so you may want
      to make that the target format for your video files. As far as I know, m4v
      will play on most devices. (I could be wrong about that.)  I wouldn't bother
      distributing WMV files in addition to another video format unless you just
      want to make extra work for yourself. If you do decide to do that, consider
      making a secondary feed specifically for those files.

      I can't make any specific recommendations when it comes to hardware but
      maybe someone else can.

      On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 12:59 PM, matt1027 <box1027@...> wrote:

      > I'd like to get some input on a video podcast and would appreciate
      > any thoughts or suggestions on the whole process.
      > I have an audio podcast that is set up using a WordPress blog and the
      > BluBrry PowerPress plugin. Would that be the way to go for a video
      > podcast as well or is there some better option available now? I'm
      > wondering if there is a whole new generation of ideas and
      > alternatives for distributing digital content that has come along
      > since I set up my podcast.
      > I'm planning to make short videos that I can put on YouTube but I
      > would also like to have them subscribable through iTunes so they can
      > be received automatically and easily synced to an iPod. I guess I
      > should also have them available in Windows Media format for other devices.
      > I have unlimited disc space and bandwidth at my web host so it's not
      > a problem to host the files myself.
      > How about video recording options? I'm pretty spoiled for excellent
      > audio quality on my audio podcast and I'm wondering about the best
      > way to get some good audio quality on the video recording for an
      > economical price. I've got a digital camera that shoots good video
      > but the built in mic just isn't up to the quality that I would be
      > happy with. Any suggestions on the most economical video camera that
      > would connect to an external mic on a cable?
      > Any thoughts on file formats and resolutions or whatever technical
      > choices I need to make?
      > Is there anything else major that I haven't mentioned? Any good
      > books or online resources that cover all this?
      > Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > Matt


      -Shawn Thorpe
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