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Re: [podcasters] Re: AT&T internet service provider blocking iTunes subscriptions??

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  • Kenn Crawford
    I tried subscribing to your podcast in itunes and didn t have a problem either. But I did notice your itunes url did not have a title in it between the
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      I tried subscribing to your podcast in itunes and didn't have a problem
      either. But I did notice your itunes url did not have a title in it
      between the /podcast/ and the /id266594479 part

      Mine is listed as follows
      so it has the /dead-hunt-a-free-audiobook/ in between the "podcast" and
      "id" part

      I grabbed another podcast at random and got
      I tried a few others and they all have a title. Maybe that is what is
      getting them hung up? Anything is possible when it comes to itunes LOL

      I gave your link a title based on the name of your show and it brought
      me to your itunes page no problem.
      So try sending them to this link to subscribe instead
      Then get them to click the blue "View in iTunes" button (NOT the logo
      for your show, the blue button.). That new page links to the itunes
      store WITH the title in the link. Maybe that will work for them.

      Personally I think its an issue with their firewall and not your feed.
      Maybe they recently installed Norton or something else that has taken
      control of their firewall. Not having issues downloading content from
      other podcasts is not a factor because they are already subscribed to
      them. Ask them to subscribe to a new podcast other than yours and see if
      they have the same issue.


      Shawn Thorpe wrote:
      > I subscribed using all three of your methods, through iTunes, and I had no
      > problems. Are you certain that the 2 subscribers who contacted you with
      > problems use AT&T as their ISP? Also, when I do a Google search for "TOS
      > SSL" it asks me if I mean "TLS SSL." That's why I said it'd be best if you
      > can get the exact error message that these users are receiving. Another
      > approach would be to find out if these users have the same problem with ALL
      > podcast feeds. If they are, then the problem's probably not your feed(s),
      > but something on their end.
      > On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 1:35 PM, nycedeli <lavenividivici@...> wrote:
      >> To Ben & Shawn: Thanks very much for responding to my query.
      >> To Ben: Yes, I use Feedburner and I use Libsyn to host my audio files. I
      >> checked Feed Validator and it said my podcast feed is working and is valid.
      >> One listener told me that she is running the latest version of iTunes. I'm
      >> not sure about the other listener.
      >> To Shawn: Here is my podcast info:
      >> Name of podcast: Voices en Español
      >> RSS Feed URL: http://spanish-podcast.com/category/podcasts/feed/
      >> Feedburner URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/vocespodcast
      >> iTUnes URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id266594479
      >> I've sent an email to both listeners asking for more details about the
      >> exact error message they receive, if any. One indicate that she was unable
      >> to subscribe while the other said he was getting a message about TOS / SSL
      >> settings.
      >> Thank you very much,
      >> Eleena


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