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Kweevak Music Magazine Radio Show Announces February Programs

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    New Interviews with Randy Jackson (Zebra) and John Payne (Asia)   Kweevak Music Magazine - Radio Show http://www.kweevak.com/files-features/radio-show.php  
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2010
      New Interviews with Randy Jackson (Zebra) and John Payne (Asia)
      Kweevak Music Magazine - Radio Show
      New York, NY - The Kweevak Music Magazine radio show is one of the Internet's longest running institutions now available around the world on demand in digital Podcast format. The program is the brainchild of Kweevak.com founder Rockin' Rich Lynch and it regularly delivers astounding interviews with world famous musicians coupled with amazing indie music from the site's expansive library of songs.
      Over the past decade Kweevak.com has quietly created a much loved and heralded portal for indie music promotion, engaging artist interviews and music industry news - and a key component of the website has been its influential and underground radio show that consistently brings some of the world's best-known musicians to the show's global listening audience.
      "One of my main goals with doing Kweevak was to try and get back into radio," Lynch said explaining the two years he spent in college radio back in the 80's. "After the collegiate experience I wanted to get back on the air. We tried a few stints on small online and over the air stations and then came podcasting which changed everything for us."
      Lynch's online radio show is the audio version of the Kweevak magazine and it plays "the best indie music from the past 10 years to today". In addition to quality music there is music industry news reports and great interviews.
      "I've been able to talk to many of my personal heroes through this medium and we now aim to give our audience the most amazing guests we can", program director and host Lynch said. The radio show has interviewed authors, politicians, indie artists - but the rock stars are Lynch's obvious favorites.
      "We have had legendary performers Leslie West and Yoko Ono plus members of groups like Deep Purple, Santana, Living Colour, the E Street Band, Styx, Little Feat, Squeeze, POCO, Goo Goo Dolls, Ratt, Night Ranger and many more on the show. I'm always thrilled when talking with them and I can't wait to see who we will talk to next."
      On the show this month are two artists with a long history in the recording business - Randy Jackson of Zebra and John Payne of Asia Featuring John Payne - both on the show to discuss their band's history and upcoming CD releases. Plus, indie artists Poker Face and Syzygy are spotlighted during the programs (#121 and #122) that have just gone live for February 2010.
      Every show features music from Kweevak's legendary artist community and includes breaking news and highlights of the site's activity from the previous month - offering commentary on concerts Kweevak has covered and quick product reviews of material sent to the website.
      "We don't plan on stopping anytime soon," remarked Lynch revealing his determination to make his mark on the broadcasting world. "I've basically been operating below the radar for a decade now but my goal is see this program grow exponentially to eventually land on satellite or syndicated over the air radio."
      Artists wanting their music considered for exposure on the show - and radio executives interested in hiring Lynch - should contact Kweevak representatives at the links below.
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