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Re: [podcasters] posting to podomatic

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  • Eric
    ... Hash: SHA1 Kenn, Thanks for the tips . i had no idea about the back of the mic .. i have a bs in tech of EE but those kinds of details probably come
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 12, 2010
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      Thanks for the tips . i had no idea about the 'back ' of the mic .. i
      have a bs in tech of EE but those kinds of details probably come from a
      broadcasters or communications degree. I did work in the A/V shop of of
      my college a couple semesters as well as volunteer DJ at state college
      about 3 semesters in upstate NY. must be nice to have 2 nice daughters
      - -- a wife.. or even a gf .. unfortunately, i'm not there and havent
      been for a long time...
      ***the highest quality withoutglitches ? does this mean 128kbps - huge
      files and then i have no idea what podomatic will do with it when i
      upload it (as far as resampling down) - not to mention i am connected to
      the slowest asynchronous DSL you can buy.... the mic i have is called
      "singstar' and no wonder it was almost made to go with a kareoke dvd
      player .. ( i have never played a dvd with it and i guess thats all you
      do is play a video and plug in the mic and sing) ... the dvd with 2 mic
      input is a minitek dvd2110 and would you beleive some one was throwing
      it out ? !! i have to use a 1/8 to 1/4" adapter to go from the mic
      connector to the 1/4" input of the dvd player mixer .. it has the cool
      echo dial to add reverb = "spatial ambience."

      you can hear how chopped up the processed file is at podomatic ...

      Thanks for the help Kenn!


      Kenn wrote:
      > I'm guessing "charioci" is a Karaoke mic plugged into a Karaoke DVD player?
      > I have one of those dvd players and 2 mics that I bought for my girls (so
      > they don't beat my mics to death) Some of those mics are surprisingly clean
      > sounding. Here's a few tips you didn't ask for but I will give anyway :)
      > * Record at the highest quality you can with glitches. The quality is
      > determined by your audio program, your computer AND the length of your
      > recording. It is always best to record at the highest settings and then
      > bounce down (convert) to the lower quality. To a computer, audio is nothing
      > more than 1's and 0's. The higher the bitdepth, the more numbers it can
      > crunch. Better math = better sounding audio.
      > * Invest in a mic stand. A boom stand is even better. Having the mic hanging
      > from the ceiling does have a distinct advantage though...it doesn't pick up
      > the floor rumble or shuffling feet :)
      > * Where the back of your mic faces is equally as important as where the
      > front of it faces. Unless it is an omni-directional mic, the back of the mic
      > picks up the least amount of sound. The nosiest thing in your room, most
      > likely the computer, is where the back of the mic should be facing. This
      > will help cut down on fan noise etc.
      > * The area behind the mic (the wall) should be treated with a heavy blanket
      > to reduce the reflections of your voice bouncing off the wall and back to
      > the mic. Equally as important, the area behind you should be treated as
      > well. I use a couple of boom mic stands set up into a giant T and drape
      > blankets over them. Running some "clotheslines" around your mic area and
      > draping some blankets over them will create a portable vocal booth.
      > * You should always record vocals with a pop filter. My first pop filter was
      > made from stretching panty hose over a wire coathanger bent into a circle.
      > It does an amazing job. To hear what I mean, blow gentle into the mic and
      > then move the popfilter between you and the mic and the blowing sound
      > disappears. Now sing a note and move the filter back and forth and you'll
      > notice it doesn't alter the actual sound, it just kills excessive wind noise
      > from your breath, and that means the hard syllables like P and B don't pop
      > and rumble. You can gerry-rig it to hang from your ceiling. Keep it about
      > 4-6" in front of the mic. Since your mouth will be up-close and personal
      > with it, you might want to consider buying a new pair as opposed to using
      > the old pair with the run in it your wife/girlfriend threw away :)
      > Can't help you much with podomatic or podcaster, but hopefully some of my
      > recording tips were helpful to some of you.
      > Kenn
      > http://kenncrawford.com
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      > From: "eric" <ersh12@...>
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      > Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:48 PM
      > Subject: [podcasters] posting to podomatic
      >> when i post there, it says to do so in multiples of 11.025khz ..
      >> they dont say wma, mp3 or aiff .. file format .. of course audacity is
      >> recommended .. they dont say if you record at 24 khz if it will be sampled
      >> down to 22.05 after uploading .. anybody use podomatic or podcaster ? i
      >> havent uploaded or am not registered on itunes or the bigger ones .. i
      >> have a charioci mic, which when plugged into a charioci dvd player, is
      >> pretty clean and responsive but i have no mic holder, i let it hang from
      >> the 'ceiling' as it were ( not litterally) and try and minimize any fans
      >> and other room noises as much as possible, including loud desktops with
      >> noisy HD's and PS pans andcase cooling fans. I also found the 'rock star'
      >> USB mic available from game stop used from a ps2 at about $10 to be very
      >> responsive as well as hassle free (not needing a mic pre-amp) ..
      >> thanks,
      >> eric
      >> CFL
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