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Re: Duplicate content problem?

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  • angelomandato
    I m only brainstorming here and looking for ideas how we could somehow include all/most episodes in a feed for someone to keep their content evergreen. I m
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 2, 2009
      I'm only brainstorming here and looking for ideas how we could somehow
      include all/most episodes in a feed for someone to keep their content
      evergreen. I'm just throwing an idea out there to see if there's
      interest in such a feature.

      There are new directories popping up all the time. www.spokenword.org is
      one that comes to mind. It would benefit you greatly to get your podcast
      on as many directories as possible. I wouldn't abandon the possibility
      of a new listener, let alone the SEO value of being listed on another
      web site, just because iTunes makes up a bulk of your audience.

      Reversing my earlier thought, iTunes is very important and we should do
      everything we can to include as many episodes as possible since iTunes
      only lists episodes found in your feed.

      The challenge will be preventing directories from seeing a change in
      your older podcast feed items and then replacing the large description
      with the shorter one. That may not be a big deal though and may actually
      be a good thing as far as SEO for the podcaster's blog is concerned. The
      less number of sites that re-post exactly what you posted on your own
      blog the better. Such a feature could hurt SEO for directories though,
      since as soon as a post is 11 episodes old, the description would update
      to a smaller excerpt.

      End users shouldn't be getting episodes twice, unless you do something
      drastic that changes the title, guid or publish date. You can change the
      number of items in your feed from 10 to 50, iTunes or Google Reader will
      not view those older posts as new or re-order them above the newest
      dated post/episode. As far as other directories are concerned, it will
      require some testing and research. The additional items in the feed may
      do exactly as you describe and re-list duplicate past posts on other
      directories. At a worst case though, it should only do that once when
      you extend the number of items in your feed. Small price to pay to
      display all your episodes in iTunes.

      I'm just looking to see if there's interest in such a feature. If no one
      thinks it's a good idea then I will not waste any time researching it.


      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, Stephen Eley <SFEley@...> wrote:
      > On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 11:10 AM, angelomandato cio@... wrote:
      > > You are correct, such a feature would require testing to see what
      happens on directories. As far as trimming content, I wasn't thinking
      about the basic attributes such as title, guid, pubDate, etc... I was
      thinking about items like content:encoded, limiting the value in the
      <description>, removing the <itunes:keywords>, <itunes:summary>,
      <itunes:subtitle>, <itunes:duration>, etc...
      > Sure. But my point is that a lot of clients will mark the item as new
      > or updated if *anything* changes. Including those iTunes elements.
      > I've never looked into any clients' RSS implementations except Podcast
      > Ready's (which I helped build), but if I were building one today I'd
      > probably store the MD5 checksum of the normalized contents of every
      > item. RSS really wasn't designed to allow changing history
      > gracefully.
      > > Even so, you may not not want this feed to be what you submit to
      > According to my RawVoice stats, iTunes comprises 83.5% of my RSS
      > downloads. Second place is Zune with 2.7%. I don't know if those are
      > typical proportions, but they're probably not too far off given
      > today's media device landscape. So, to put it bluntly... If a
      > syndication feature isn't going to work in iTunes, why bother?
      > > on the flip side though it would be useful to have such a feed that
      includes everything when you want to add your podcast to a new
      > To be even more blunt: *what* new directories? Listeners aren't using
      > any other directories. For the average non-podcaster who listens to
      > podcasts, just about every new discovery comes from the iTunes
      > directory, Google, or word-of-mouth. (Which includes promotion from
      > other podcasts.) Every other directory and search engine is so far
      > off in the long tail it isn't worth development time to support.
      > Besides -- how does that solve the client problem? Let's say a
      > directory _does_ list the collapsed feed, and it works there. When I
      > _subscribe_ to the podcast feed, the directory stops mattering. What
      > matters is whether my podcatcher/newsreader (Firefox, Juice, Google
      > Reader) knows to ignore changes to the element contents of old items.
      > If it doesn't, I'd start getting every episode twice: once when it's
      > new, and again months later when it becomes the 10th oldest episode.
      > Once or twice is a forgivable technical glitch, but under your
      > proposal this would happen *every time.* For every episode. As an
      > average podcast listener, I wouldn't put up with this. I wouldn't
      > think to blame RawVoice for this, or my software, or the RSS
      > specification. I would assume the podcaster is screwing something up,
      > and if it didn't stop soon, I'd unsubscribe.
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      > Have Fun,
      > Steve Eley (sfeley@...)
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