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The vintage podcast Sly Crooner of Swanktown Mythology

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  • geoffrey_tozer
    Sly Crooner of Swanktown, the most honest liar you ever met, tells astonishing tales of triumph, sorrow, passion and martinis in the mythological land of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2009
      Sly Crooner of Swanktown, the most honest liar you ever met, tells
      astonishing tales of triumph, sorrow, passion and martinis in the
      mythological land of Swanktown.

      "Where the women are exotic, the men are well-behaved at times and
      money is no object . . . because we have no money. Where the streets
      are paved with diamonds and gems and there's a full moon every night
      so all the cats and kittens look real good because the light is just
      exactly right."

      Come mix and mingle with the bon vivant and terminally stylish habitues
      of the Royal Palm Court Lounge; The mayor Mr. Lucky, the florist
      laureate Cosmo D. Gigolo, the very melancholy Dr. Peculiar, the ever
      ravishing fortune teller Slow Kitty and of course, the Sly Crooner
      himself who's motto is "victus swank est optimus ultionis" -
      "living swank is the best revenge".

      On Wednesday 9/30/09 Sly will tell the story and sing the songs of
      Dorothy Doro, a bag lady who is full of surprises, at the Gardenia in
      West Hollywood (7066 Santa Monica Blvd.) Showtime is 9:00 PM with
      dinner served from 7:00 PM (get the chicken). Cost is $10 plus a 2
      drink minimum. Call 323-467-7444 for reservations. Also on the bill is
      the deeply moving and hypnotically talented singer-songwriter Randy

      The podcast Sly Crooner of Swanktown is also available on iTunes and
      other aggregators for free and the show airs weekly on SiriusXM. For
      more information please visit:


      There you can also listen to other recent stories such as Haunted Hotel
      in which Dr. Peculiar gets a heart warming visit from a strange and very
      stylish ghost - Lorenzo Falloujia.

      The Cats Come To Town when Sly hangs with his musical heroes Billie
      Holiday, Duke Ellington, Igor Stravinsky, Ray Charles, Warren Zevon,
      Hank Williams and Nat King Cole. Really.

      Bullfighting and Motherhood when a late night chat with a hotel guest
      uncovers her startling and bizarre past.

      The Cat Who Saw and Heard introduces us to a unique individual who
      learns how to make martinis when all life offers him is lemons.

      Crashing Into ShowBiz where we learn of Sly's big lucky break and
      see the Slow Kitty in action in all her finest regalia.

      Slow Kitty's Red Hot Love Affair where Sly is instrumental in
      keeping Slow from the grips of a ruthless cad. Hah!

      Blue Rondo in which Sly slithers out of very hot water by nothing more
      than sheer pluck, dumb luck and a jigger of swank.

      Pretty Girls Charming Girls with a moral so obvious you never see it

      Dancing Dan's Christmas - A Damon Runyon story that will make you
      laugh, touch your heart and demonstrate the true power of swank. Oh
      yeah . . . and it's a Christmas story too with all that holiday

      And the list goes on. Currently there are over 50 episodes for you to
      enjoy and more being produced all the time.

      There is nothing else like it our there. I know. I've looked.

      Why not give another episode a spin and see for yourself or come to the
      Gardenia next Wednesday and hear Dorothy Doro live as it was intended.

      This is the last chance you'll get to witness the swank live this

      You'll thank yourself and Sly will too!

      See you on the swank side,

      Adios mah bujjobies,


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