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Re: [podcasters] Massive Podcast Tutorial

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  • Todd Cochrane
    When your finished be sure to submit it to podcastfaq.com we have a decent resouce their as well.. Todd..
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 20, 2009
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      When your finished be sure to submit it to podcastfaq.com we have a
      decent resouce their as well..


      Walt Snider wrote:
      > I'm taking advantage of a long vacation my family is on out of the
      > state to write a couple things without interruption.
      > In addition to re-recording Victor Kent's (for Kore RPG fans)
      > character history, I want to script out and refine a massive and
      > complete how to make a podcast tutorial.
      > I've been doing this for more than 2 years and I feel I can contribute
      > a lot to the people that have zero knowledge in this area, but
      > assuming I didn't know anything, what would you want to teach me? This
      > will be done in video with me or other local actors (not saying I'm an
      > actor, although I am a character) showing various pieces of equipment
      > and also will be using screen captures to show editing full podcasts.
      > Items I have in mind right now:
      > Do it as cheaply as possible: use all the free software and resources
      > possiblebitratesediting (how to bleep, etc.)
      > uploadingcollaboratingresources (like this discussion group)finding
      > cohostsmulti-enders (doubleenders)social networking (I'm a little weak
      > here, so please offer some tips for me to include... marketing was
      > never my thing)monetizing (same... I'm weak here, how would you cover
      > this?)podcast networksetc.
      > I will (video or screencap) record a complete recording session and
      > the editing. I'm still learning techniques every once in a while, so
      > hopefully I can help new people get up-to-speed faster than it took me
      > to learn.
      > If you don't want to clog up the discussion group, you can email me
      > directly, but I think the discussion group as a whole can benefit from
      > this discussion.
      > Walt Snider
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      > email: walt@... <mailto:walt%40waltsnider.com>
      > web: www.WaltSnider.com
      > blog: www.OffTheWalt.com
      > podcasts: www.KoreNewMedia.com
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