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Re: [podcasters] Re: what to ask for from web staff when starting a podcast

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  • Richard Amirault
    ... From: Jennifer Sutton ... I still don t understand why you think you have to sit there while this happens. ... The same thing that would happen if you
    Message 1 of 3 , May 21, 2009
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      From: "Jennifer Sutton"
      > Sure, I can download a couple of files at a time; it's just a waste
      > of my time to sit there when an RSS feed can do it all for me. If
      > there are 10 files at 50 Megs a pop, that takes a while.

      I still don't understand why you think you have to "sit there" while this

      > And what if I don't have a high-speed connection or a fast computer?
      The same thing that would happen if you had a RSS feed ... it would be

      > Again, as I said, I believe it's a matter of audiences' abilities and
      > preferences. These are mine.
      > I'd rather have content pushed to me than have to sit there and get it.

      Richard Amirault
      Boston, MA, USA
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