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Introducing Channel Erk! (and an update)

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    G day everyone! Over the past few weeks, I ve been fairly busy working on my plans to fly from Australia to the US in April and May. I ve also been working on
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2009
      G'day everyone!

      Over the past few weeks, I've been fairly busy working on my plans to
      fly from Australia to the US in April and May. I've also been working
      on my podcasts. Already I have launched 2 new shows this year as well
      as a new portal and Mega-feed for all 4 podcasts. Thanks to Griz and
      Tee for giving me the idea that I (eventually) put into practice!

      My new portal is called Channel Erk http://www.channelerk.com and
      there you can subscribe to either the mega feed, individual podcast
      feeds, visit the separate sites or find out about the latest episode
      of each podcast.

      Briefly to introduce (or re-introduce) each podcast to you:

      * Erk Pod - my original talk based podcast. Some of you came on my
      Round Table episodes last year. They are on hold until I return to the
      US. Latest episode is 171.

      * Erk FM - my new weekly music podcast.I've just recorded episode 6.

      * Echo Romeo Kilo (Echo) - my outdoor/mobile podcast that was also my
      daily podcast during NaPodPoMo last year. Episode 39 will be recorded
      this weekend.

      * Erk's Blast From The Past - my mother joins me on a podcast and we
      compare her past, my past and the present. Episode 2 is the latest
      episode, episodes 3 & 4 are in the can.

      While I am in the US, Erk Pod and Echo will be done from where I am.
      Erk FM and Erk's Blast From The Past will be recorded prior to me
      leaving and released while I'm in the US. If I score an artist
      interview or hear some music while in the US, I may do an episode over
      there as a special edition. If anyone wants to meet up with this
      Aussie, I'll be over most of the continental US over the April/May
      period, hopefully making Balticon 43 as well!

      While I have your attention (I hope!), I am looking for anyone who has
      any promos that they would like played during any one of my shows (if
      not all of them over time).

      Also, if you have theme music for your podcast that I would be able to
      play in full (rights, etc), I am planning a special episode of Erk FM.
      This episode (to be released on April 17) features the full song
      rather than the usual 10-30 seconds that you normally hear as an
      intro/outro. Full links and credit to your podcast will be given. I
      did this for episode 1 and that was well received.

      Erk, Sydney (Australia)

      host of the Erk Pod, Erk FM, Echo Romeo Kilo & Erk's Blast From The
      Past podcasts on Channel Erk.

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