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Re: [podcasters] My workflow

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  • Kevin
    If I took the time to cut out the times I ve said um I d never publish a single episode! Lol. I think it s important to be a perfectionist about production,
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 28, 2008
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      If I took the time to cut out the times I've said "um" I'd never publish a single episode! Lol.
      I think it's important to be a perfectionist about production, however.


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      From: Stephen Nelson
      To: podcasters@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2008 2:53 PM
      Subject: [podcasters] My workflow

      Happy holidays, all!

      I'm on my fifteenth episode of the Skeptical Viewer podcast, and I'm
      starting to settle into a solid workflow for producing the podcasts. I
      was wondering if I could get a critique on the podcast itself and my
      workflow-- any ways that I could improve quality and/or save time. My
      podcast can be found here: http://www.skepticalviewer.com/category/podcasts

      My workflow:

      1. Record the podcast. We record via Skype and Audio Hijack Pro.
      2. Run the recordings through the Levelator to get my cohost and myself
      (and any interviewees) at the same level.
      3. Edit the recordings with Soundtrack Pro's single-track editor. I
      remove all "um"s and stammers. Takes a while.
      4. Slot the recordings into my podcast template in SoundTrack Pro's
      multi-track editor. This template runs the voice channels through an
      additional compressor and limiter.
      5. Add synthesized title announcements. I wanted a distinct voice to do
      titles, so I use one of the Mac female synth voices. Probably stole the
      idea from Escape Pod, now that I think of it. Oops.
      6. Export to AIFF. I've run into problems in the past when exporting
      directly to MP3 via Soundtrack Pro.
      7. Use mp3lame to convert to a joint stereo 64kbps MP3 and add the
      appropriate metadata. I have a script that handles this; I just have to
      type the filename and the episode title, and it handles title, artist,
      album, and track number.
      8. Listen to the MP3 file.
      9. Upload.
      10. Post to the RSS feed.

      Any thoughts? One of my concerns is that I may be too aggressive in
      cutting out stammers and ums, but I have a slight stammer, and I don't
      want to leave my audience listening to me saying "the, uh, evi-
      evidence" all the time. It does take a while, though.

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