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To mix, or not to mix

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  • David Smith
    To a certain extent, I ve been blogging on my Libsyn podcast feed. I m sure that s fine, in the privacy of one s home, between consenting adults. But I sure
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2008
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      To a certain extent, I've been blogging on my Libsyn podcast feed. I'm
      sure that's fine, in the privacy of one's home, between consenting adults.
      But I sure hate to clutter up the Podcast feed with my usual random Blog
      chatter. So I also have a regular, text blog on Blogger.

      Blogger also allows a number of functions that are kinda handy for
      blogging and don't exist on Libsyn. But then I have to wonder if my right-
      hand audience knows what my left-hand audience is seeing. And I hate
      cross-posting. Sure, some of my best friends are crossposters, but I
      wouldn't want my sister to marry one.

      The other day I got Yahoo Pipes situated so I -can- "cross the streams"
      and see what happens, combining the RSS feeds from the Blog and the
      Podcast. I have my primary Podcast feed already clearly identified as
      everything, so I don't THINK it should give offense. But I'm ambivalent
      about actually doing it that way.

      Separate feeds for the Blog and each of the two podcasts would remain

      Comments? Thoughts? Rants?


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