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Re: [podcasters] Re: The NaNaPooPoo network

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  • David Smith
    Okay, just went out to your podcast s website, grabbed the RSS link, plugged that into Pipes. You re in there. It ll take a while, maybe, to propagate from
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 13, 2008
      Okay, just went out to your podcast's website, grabbed the RSS link,
      plugged that into Pipes. You're in there. It'll take a while, maybe, to
      propagate from Pipes to Feedburner.

      And remember it's still bleeding-edge beta. I've got a promo or whatever
      it ought to be called written, just gotta get it recorded.

      It was 14 Nov 2008, when piratepodshow commented:

      > Okay, count us in where do we signup?
      > presspirate
      > Co-host of The Pirate Podshow
      > piratepodshow@...
      > piratepodshow@...
      > http://www.piratepodcast.com
      > --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "David Smith" <grizzly@...> wrote: > >
      > Have finalized the Beta setup of the NaNaPooPoo Network. I figured, >
      > there's already an aggregate feed for NaPodPoMo, don't need another. But >
      > I'm thinking the NaNaPooPoo Network can be an ongoing project. > > I have
      > been doing my primary feed for almost two years now. I've had the >
      > secondary "Hiber-Nation" feed for several months. There's lots of nice >
      > content there, and I'm liking what I'm doing. But I'm just one guy nobody >
      > ever heard of. Like so many podcasters, I don't have the resources to >
      > promote my little "okay" podcasts to a much larger audience. I'm just one >
      > guy; my content is good, but it isn't brilliant. > > Now on the radio or TV
      > networks, they have a similar problem promoting one > little "okay" show.
      > But they have an extra resource -- lead ins. If you > have an okay show,
      > and you're followed or preceeded on the air by Howard > Stern, for example,
      > then your little show might have a pretty significant > audience. And even
      > otherwise, just Okay leadins and lead-outs, if you're > Okay but your
      > network has a big-dog show somewhere, more folks listen to > the network,
      > so the rising tide raises all boats. > > So, as an Okay artist, you do try
      > to promote your show, certainly. But > also, everybody promotes the
      > Network. And the tide rises: "A rising tide > raises all boats." And if a
      > bunch of shows on the Net wanna do a > promotion, they can all get together
      > and create one big promotion to > promote the network, and that larger
      > splash raises all boats, again. > > The idea of the "NaNaPooPoo Network"<a
      > > href="http://feeds.nanapoopoo.com"></a> is to create a group effort to >
      > promote the content of all participants, thus making life better and >
      > easier for all involved. A "Proud Member of the NaNaPooPoo Network" >
      > promotes access to the content of all the other "Proud Members," and vice >
      > versa, over and over. Conversely, all the different shows don't have to >
      > convince some poor tech-challenged soul to subscribe to each show >
      > separately, manually. Subscribe to the "NaNaPooPoo Network," you always >
      > have access to the latest post on any of the client feeds. The archival >
      > shows from earlier are still on the home website of the original source, >
      > but the Network only shows the one most recent post. > > Listeners know if
      > they subscribe to the Network, they get a whole bunch of > shows (For Some
      > Values Of "a whole bunch"). The Network now is in > "bleeding edge Beta."
      > Someday, there could be a whole slew of shows > feeding into the network,
      > and some listeners might decide that's all they > need. They don't need to
      > "fiddle with the nobs." They just crank up their > podcast player, and they
      > get a whole lot of stuff without too much > headscratching. They aren't
      > prevented from adding other feed. But they may > not have to. > > Why
      > truncate each feed to only one Post? This isn't the first aggregate > feed.
      > But often what you see is an aggregate of all the content on all the >
      > feeds. My own overall feed has 74 Grizzly's Growls episodes and maybe >
      > another 30 HN shows. Combine mine with a feed from some other massive >
      > contributors, you're talking a several hundred entries, most of which most
      > > folks don't even wanna see in an aggregate. Most online tools don't work
      > > with a too-large feed (like Feedburner.com), > > Looking at, or
      > subscribing to, http://feeds.nanapoopoo.com gets just the > latest from X
      > feeds. Start any time, no worries Play the whole feed, no > worries. Want
      > more of one particular show? Go to -their- website. We ain't > Everything,
      > we're just the Latest from Everything. (Someday...) > > The smaller shows
      > get the benefit of collective promotion -- if folks > subscribe to the Net,
      > they get your feed, too, and everybody works to > everybody's benefit. The
      > larger shows share the wealth -- but they also > get the promo-assistance
      > from X number of partners in the network. The > bigger the network, the
      > bigger the base for everybody. A rising tide > raises all boats. And you
      > get to be part of something larger than just > "how cool am I?" One more
      > credential for your intros and extros: > > "A Proud Participant in the
      > NaNaPooPoo Network. Say it Loud!" > > (Sure NaNaPooPoo is a Dumb Name.
      > That's part of it's charm.) > > Griz-- > > Grizzly's Growls Podcast:
      > <http://ggpo.grizzlysgrowls.com> > Stories from the Hiber-Nation: >
      > <http://hn.grizzlysgrowls.com> >

      Grizzly's Growls Podcast: <http://ggpo.grizzlysgrowls.com>
      Stories from the Hiber-Nation:
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