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Re: [podcasters] Releasing several episodes at once

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  • Evo Terra
    ... So you re not having WordPress generate your podcast feed, right? The only thing you are doing here is making the shows available to web-based listeners.
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 26, 2008
      On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 4:28 PM, Erk Pod <erkpod@...> wrote:
      > What I have been doing for the last few Round Tables is editing the episodes
      > ASAP and uploading them. On the show notes on my website (WordPress), they
      > are available to play or to download as soon as they are uploaded.

      So you're not having WordPress generate your podcast feed, right? The
      only thing you are doing here is making the shows available to
      web-based listeners. OK.

      > In an
      > attempt to assist my listeners and not bomb them with nearly 4 hours of Erk
      > on one day (on this occasion, I edited and uploaded the first 3 parts on the
      > one day), I space them out over the next week (every couple of days) via my
      > host Podshow (Mevio or whatever they are going to call themselves this week)
      > so it goes into iTunes etc over the course of the week rather than in one
      > big hit.

      Well, it has less to do with "bombarding" and more to do with the fact
      that many of your subscribers would ONLY get one of those four shows
      automatically downloaded from your feed if you were to release them in
      the feed all at once. Why? Because their podcatcher is -- by default
      -- set to download only the most recent episode. So whichever one is
      "last" in your feed; that's the one they get. The others would have to
      be downloaded manually -- if at all.

      > Based on a question I had from my co-host Drue, what has been your
      > experiences both as a podcaster and a podcast listener in this regard? Have
      > you had complaints from listeners that you are bombing them with episodes?
      > Are you in the "allow me to download them all at once" camp that my co-host
      > is in? Or are you in the "thanks for not bombing me with 4 hours of Erk all
      > on one day" camp?

      Again, I think it's less about "bombing" and more a matter of
      consistency. If you always release four shows a week, your audience
      will be "trained" to that schedule, leaving their podcatchers running
      and getting what they need. The trouble comes when you break that
      consistency. There's an podcasting author who's name rhymes with Splot
      Spickler that causes me no end of grief when he breaks his normal
      pattern and dumps two episodes -- one for each book he's releasing at
      the same time, the fool -- into his SINGLE feed. I only get one, and
      it's usually NOT the book I'm listening to, causing me to have to go
      in and manually release the book. Really pisses me off when I discover
      that I have the wrong episode and I'm already on the road, looking
      forward to listening. But I know he's a bastard and doesn't care. And
      I say that will all the love in the world. Bastard.

      So that's your dilemma: you normally release weekly, but once a month
      you change that cycle. If someone happens to have their podcatcher off
      (and lots get turned off on the weekend) while you made two updates,
      you may run into someone who's only getting one of those.

      Now I'll ask the question that seems obvious: why break those up? Why
      not just release a 3 hour episode? I assume Mevio's system can handle
      it. I'm no fan of super long episodes, but that is what was recorded.
      Splitting it up into 3 or more files probably isn't going to endear me
      to listen any more. If anything, I now have 3 or more files to delete.
      Just a thought.

      Evo Terra
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