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Re: [podcasters] PodPress now OK with WP 2.6?

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  • Stephen Eley
    ... One point that s worth noting here is that Podpress is open source software. You don t _have_ to wait on Dan. If anyone has enough PHP experience to
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 10, 2008
      On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 12:46 AM, Martin McKeay <Martin@...> wrote:
      > For now, it's not working with 2.6 and he's very sorry, but the work he does
      > in promoting and building his company are necessary if he's going to have
      > the time and money to make any upgrades to Podpress. There should be an
      > update soon, but he didn't have a specific date or timeline.

      One point that's worth noting here is that Podpress is open source
      software. You don't _have_ to wait on Dan. If anyone has enough PHP
      experience to debug the code and get it working, you can release your
      own forked version of Podpress. It's completely ethical, and part of
      the way open source is supposed to work.

      If Dan's reading this thread, I would also suggest that he reconsider
      his time management in terms of business strategy. Podpress is the
      single best promotional tool he has for his expertise and services.
      He's famous for it, and he can and should be using that to sell his
      services -- but the value of that reputation depends on him keeping it
      current and usable. If he doesn't maintain the tool that's made him
      famous, it reflects poorly on his business. Worse, if someone else
      _does_ fork Podpress, keeps it current, and makes it better, that
      person will eventually end up with the marketing leverage that Dan has
      today. And they will deserve it, because they'll have stepped up and
      done what Dan could and should have.

      (Finally, because I know someone will ask: Have *I* thought about
      forking Podpress? Yes. Briefly. But it doesn't fit into my current
      tech vision. I'm all about Ruby on Rails now, and less inclined to
      look at PHP code for fun. I've actually taken a few steps toward a
      project that will eventually replace Wordpress on my own sites with
      something more specialized for podcasters. So WP/PP versioning issues
      aren't something I'm motivated to chew up a lot of unpaid time on.
      Now, if somebody wanted to *pay* me to fix Podpress, I'd be happy to
      talk about that. Code bounties are an established practice. But
      really, you should be making that offer to Dan first, before you make
      it to anybody else. He'd be the most efficient person to fix it for
      obvious reasons.)

      Have Fun,
      Steve Eley (sfeley@...)
      ESCAPE POD - The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine
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