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Re: Doing short cideo podcasts with digital camera

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  • RatbagMedia
    ... My old digital camera had a cute little 8 inch/3 leg tripod which I adapted as a handle for my audio mic so that I didn t get hand sounds when poking the
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 10, 2008
      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Riekeberg"
      <missingintellect@...> wrote:
      > The stock video answer would be a tripod.

      My old digital camera had a cute little 8 inch/3 leg tripod which I
      adapted as a handle for my audio mic so that I didn't get hand sounds
      when poking the mic forward. It was also handy as a stem to attach
      the mic (I used mini disc plug in power mics) to microphone stands for
      recording talks and lectures -- so I don't go anywhere without this
      little stand.(I truly recommned it.). It also will sit nicely on a
      table during round table chats.

      I even attached a podcast label to it so I could mix it with the media
      scrum -- elbowing in amongst the journoes from the radio and TV
      networks ( no beg your pardons there I tell you).

      Of course the same three prong stand will also attach to my new
      digital camera -- so I reckon I can use it steadycam style.
      But I'm thinking that if I can get a very mobile, tall but collapsible
      tripod that I can stand behind, hands free, I'm really dealing with
      some key issues.

      [But it strikes me that this 'tip' of stability is missing from so
      much of the video on YouTube .]

      The other aspect I was going to investigate was to circumvent the
      camera's limited audio aspect and record using my podcast rig then
      sync the audio with the film later during editing. I gather that a
      hand clap or chopper board may be a useful means to locate the audio
      during such an edit for syncing.

      My challenge now is to work out how I can job share with these
      devices: an audio recording rig(HiMD plus mics) and a camera with
      which I intend to take occasional video AND single shots during the
      same event..and hoping I got the GBs to last the distance.

      But as i said video is so much easier to edit than audio because its
      so visual dueing the editing process and its easier to mark, review
      and locate time line positions.

      So lighting and stability. Gotcha. Will do. The main thing, I gather,
      is to get the quality factors covered before I shoot and instigate the
      consequences of video compression.

      dave riley
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