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Re: [podcasters] Improving My Voice Conferencing/Chatting Using A PC?

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  • Steve Riekeberg
    Did this USB converter come with, say, a headset? I can t speak for yours, but a friend of mine was using a similar USB device, trying to avoid noise from his
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2008
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      Did this USB converter come with, say, a headset? I can't speak for yours,
      but a friend of mine was using a similar USB device, trying to avoid noise
      from his internal sound card, but it turned out that the USB device
      introduced a TON of electromagnetic noise, and was actually far noisier than
      the built-in sound! Especially if you're noticing any hiss or
      electromagnetic noise (i.e. not room noise) you might want to consider
      opting for a better USB interface. As far as your sound card not having EQ
      or bass/treble control, it might be better to just do that in
      post-production in your digital audio application.

      EQ can help, but it can be a tricky thing. If your monitors (headphones or
      speakers) aren't producing a (relatively) accurate representation in the
      audio (a lot of consumer gear boosts bass) it's possible that you can end up
      with something that might sound great on your system, but poorly on other
      systems. Not to scare you away, just something to be a ware of. There's no
      magic bullet to EQ, as everyone's voice and recording equipment is
      different, it's mostly experimentation. I do suggest to not artificially
      boost the bass as many seem to want to do, not everyone has the big
      announcer voice, and trying to artificially make your voice sound like that
      can make things sound worse. In short, EQ can be useful, just don't overdo
      it. Just kind of a pet peeve of mine, I guess.

      A lapel mic is very unobtrusive, but if you want a richer sound, you're
      definitely going to want to go with a more traditional close mic. As far as
      a specific mic, that really depends on your voice, your recording
      enviornment, and personal opinion/preference, so I'm not gonna make any
      specific reccomendations here. A microphone can be a very personal thing,
      I'm sure you'd get a wide variety of reccomendations from the people on the
      list within any given budget.

      Hope this helps,

      Steve Riekeberg
      Host, Geek Cred

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 2:59 PM, roguerat1 <roguerat1@...> wrote:

      > I'm using a Logitech usb digital to analog converter ($12) with a
      > homemade lapel mic-(Panasonic WM-61A element). I only use this setup
      > for voice chatting/conferencing in various internet chat sites. I get
      > good audio reports but would like to improve the above. Unfortunately
      > my pc sound card does not have an eq or base/trebble control.
      > 1. Would a better quality usb/analog converter help?
      > 2. Would the addition of a preamp and/or an eq improve the results?
      > 3. The lapel mic is convenient but i would sacrifice it for a different
      > mic that would give me better results.
      > Suggestions appreciated.....Thanks.

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