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Re: WTF? (What The Feed)

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  • Andy Bilodeau
    ... Hi Morrow, Ok...you re almost there. The only thing that still needs to be filled in is a web address for your iTunes 300 X 300 image for your feed. That s
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2008
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      On Mar 29, 2008, at 12:55 AM, Morrow wrote:
      > I used the feed validator through Podpress and it cuts off the last 4
      > digits of the rss feed, thus the feed becomes invalidated. How do you
      > get the last 4 digits back in? If I add back the 4 digits the feed
      > validates with two errors, and they are things that I've not done (and
      > it's something I know I've not done.)
      > New Subject:
      > What would be better to use? The feed from the WordPress website or
      > the
      > Libsyn feed? Or should I just let feed-burner do it all.
      > Podpress is not that easy to setup, or at least, not for me. Is
      > there a
      > way to edit the WordPress feed?
      > Is there a resource that teaches you the ins-and-outs of how to use
      > podpress with iTunes and the whole feed thing?
      > The full feed address: http://www.geekdimension.tv/?feed=rss2&p=7
      > And what Podperss sees: http://www.geekdimension.tv/?feed=rss2
      > Thanks for any help.
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      Hi Morrow,

      Ok...you're almost there. The only thing that still needs to be filled
      in is a web address for your iTunes 300 X 300 image for your feed.

      That's filled in on the PodPress page and is labeled "iTunes:Image
      (300*300 pixels)". It probably should say that it's a URL, but it

      Also, I am still seeing 2 media files in that single post. They seem
      to be the exact same thing. Although this is allowed in Wordpress and
      Podpress even, I recommend using only 1 media file per post to keep
      some podcatcher from exploding...or worse..not updating your show's

      As for your question about which feed... what you call the full feed
      is only a feed to a particular post. If you use that you'll have to
      constantly change that single post and that doesn't lend itself to a
      series of entries. So, I would suggest forgetting about that idea.

      Your feed for the Wordpress site is http://www.geekdimension.tv/?feed=rss2
      . You can get fancy and have feeds based on categories, but I think it
      better to get the basic feed working correctly and then get fancy.
      Using the Libsyn feed will work but you'll have to use the Libsyn
      blogging engine to create your show. There are limitations to the
      Libsyn blogging engine that are overcome with the use of WordPress,
      and you are steps away from getting the WP site working, I'd put the
      small bit of effort needed to get the WP site up.

      Podpress has it's quirks and like anything, just needs to get used to.
      If you haven't read the documentation, I'd highly recommend it. Also,
      I'd suggest reading up on the iTunes feed information about their
      iTunes specific items. Podpress simply provides an easy fill in form
      to make it easier to get the iTunes elements in the XML feed. It's
      only as good as the data going in. Podpress works in conjunction with
      Wordpress's dynamic feed generator, so the only way to "edit" the
      Wordpress generated feed is to mess with the wp-feed.php. Unless you
      have some programming background, I highly recommend staying away from
      mucking with Wordpress php files if at all possible, except for theme
      files, but even then, tread with care since you can easily bring your
      site to it's knees simply by transposing 2 letters...well...not that
      it's happened to me...no..no...I'm just saying... ;-)

      Feedburner is a sticky issue and you will have people in both camps
      saying that using Feedburner is good and those that thing Feedburner
      isn't. It does allow you to easily move your feed from location to
      location which is good for your listeners, since they will only ever
      need one feed to subscribe. Feedburner does have some stats which some
      find helpful. I'm not a numbers person so I can't really speak to
      that. I do have a feed burner feed, but I don't really use that as my
      subscription feed, I use the WP feed. I've never had a negative
      experience with FeedBurner but then again I've never really put my
      feed in their hands and prayed that they keep my feed alive. I think
      it's really a personal choice and ultimately it's your choice no
      matter what anyone says.

      Most of what I learned has been from experience and Google. I really
      can't point you to any specific site since I don't have them at my
      finger tips and I'm too lazy to do the Google searches myself.

      So your action items are :

      1) Add the URL to the PodPress settings for " http://www.geekdimension.tv/?feed=rss2
      2) Remove the extraneous enclosure

      and you should be golden.

      Please feel free to contact me directly offlist if you need more

      Good Luck!
      Andy Bilodeau

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