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Kweevak Music Magazine Begins Ninth Year with Issue #45

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    For Immediate Release Press Contact: LWP Media 973.556.5400 Kweevak Music Magazine Begins Ninth Year with Issue #45 Music Company Consolidates Behind Web
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2008
      For Immediate Release
      Press Contact:
      LWP Media

      Kweevak Music Magazine Begins Ninth Year with Issue #45
      Music Company Consolidates Behind Web Magazine and Online Radio Show

      The far-out folks at Kweevak.com are resilient to say the least. In between Internet booms and busts and having survived many online trends and fads - the online music magazine that could, Kweevak.com, has quietly created a much loved and heralded portal for indie music promotion, MP3 and music industry news!

      "It hasn't been easy," says site founder Richard J. Lynch. "For the majority of our existence I've been working other jobs to keep this alive. We weren't the instant web millionaires and we never sought investment capital. We simply wanted to build a medium and create an outlet to promote great music."

      "I think we have finally gotten there," says Lynch of the online magazine's current Issue #45 (March/April 2008). "We have finally found a way to distribute all the information we receive at our headquarters in a way that continues to promote our exceptional community of independent artists."

      The 2008 version of The Kweevak Music Magazine has evolved into a multi-pronged approach to promote mainstream and independent music, industry news, and important updates to its online and radio audience.

      "Essentially, the online version of the magazine is similar to a bimonthly magazine. We're going to update the magazine every two months," Lynch said describing the promotional aspects of the website. "That gives a lot of time for people to discover all the new music in our community."

      "But, our blog serves as one of our daily news wire services and we do a weekly industry news report to our mailing lists," Lynch continued. "So we're covered and able to disseminate of a lot of news in due fashion. Plus, our radio show has recently stepped up production and we're hoping for at least 50 new episodes in 2008."


      "One of my main goals with doing Kweevak was to try and get back into radio," Lynch said explaining the two years he spent in college radio back in the 80's. "After the collegiate experience I wanted to get back. We tried a few stints on small online and over the air stations and then came podcasting which changed everything for us."

      Lynch's online radio is the audio version of the Kweevak magazine and it plays "the best indie music from the past 10 years to today". In addition to the quality music there is music industry news reports and great interviews.

      "I've been able to talk to many of my personal heroes through this medium and we now aim to give our audience the most amazing guests we can!", program director Lynch said. The radio show has interviewed authors, politicians, indie artists - but the rock stars are Lynch's obvious favorites. "We have had members of groups like the E Street Band, Styx, Little Feat, Squeeze, POCO, Goo Goo Dolls, Ratt, Night Ranger and many more on the show. I'm always thrilled when talking with them and I can't wait to see who we'll talk to next."


      "The bands and artists still seem to love it," Lynch remarked concerning Kweevak's CD of the Year Awards - an element that has been a vital part of the site since its founding - with the final list of this year's winners set to be announced in April. "We've had some big name artists get involved the past few go rounds and it's always fun to see how well known acts - or grassroots elements thereof - can mobilize their fan bases to get out the vote!"


      Issue #45 is now online with main page featured artists, featured news items, a CD Spotlight and more. Check back in May to see the next round of news and musicians that will be promoted in Issue #46 - maybe it will be you!

      So, let the message be sent. Kweevak.com begins their ninth year with much momentum in great anticipation of their 10 Year Anniversary in 2009. This is one site on the web that has persevered and truly evolved into an important music promotional portal with quality content including one incredible radio show that you can hear whenever you please. Why not visit the site today through the links below!

      Main Page

      Radio Show

      Radio Show - Subscribe

      Feature Articles

      Music Community

      Visual Directory

      CD Reviews

      CD Awards

      Indie Music Promotion

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