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Four good ways to get a podcast heard.

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  • writerpatrick
    1. Sign up for podcast directories. As many as you can. This will get you some listeners but it turns out to be one of the least effective ways because there
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2008
      1. Sign up for podcast directories. As many as you can. This will get
      you some listeners but it turns out to be one of the least effective
      ways because there are just so many podcasts out there now and you're
      likely to get buried. Besides, it appears that only podcasters really
      bother with the directories; the average person seems to learn by
      word of mouth. Although, if the directory has a forum, that leads
      into the next suggestion.

      2. Participate in forums. This is particularly useful if you can
      place a link in your forum signature, but you need to participate. If
      you just sign up to a forum to spam readers will treat it as such and
      ignore your site. Even worse, you could loose listeners with such
      spams. Just make sure the forum is relevant. I've found Zune.net a
      very good source of listeners simply because it's filled with people
      looking for podcasts to listen to. It's turned out to be one of the
      top sources for webpage visits.

      3. Participate in other podcasts. Promos on these shows work just as
      well. This can attract some listeners as well, but it only seems
      effective if the podcast you're participating in has a significant
      amount of listeners to be reached and those listeners have the same
      interest in the podcast you're promoting. A classical music podcast
      promo on a comedy podcast may not attract a lot of listeners.

      4. Use a torrent on Mininova. The reason I say Mininova specifically
      is that it's one of the top 100 most frequently visited of all
      websites, and the most visited torrent site on the Internet. Although
      sites such as these are known to host a lot of illegal material, it's
      perfectly legal to post a file you created such as a podcast.
      Torrents are simply just another distribution system. And they can be
      more successful than downloads or subscriptions. If you can work it
      in, it's not a bad idea to add it to your postings since it allows
      for another download option.

      I've been seeing download rates for Podcast Ping
      (http://podcastping.blogspot.com) of about 100 whenever I post a
      regular show. There are some that have gone about 200 to 300, and one
      that's over 1,000, but 100 is more typical. The first episode of The
      Silent Pen (http://thesilentpen.blogspot.com) I tried has only 52
      downloads after 40 days while The first episode of The Gossip News
      (http://bluehotgossip.blogspot.com) (which is too new to list) has
      seen over 1,400 downloads in 4 days (over 800 the first day). And
      since these are "active" downloads where the person has to physically
      choose to download it (unlike the passive ones iTunes and other
      programs offer once you've subscribed to the podcast), it's more
      likely that the person will listen to it.

      I've seen some great success with one. The Beowulf readings which
      I've been including in my Podcast Ping feed have been very successful
      for downloads. Anything over two weeks old has been downloaded at
      least 1,000 times and the first two Beowulf postings, which are about
      40 days old, have in excess of 4,000 downloads! The only downside is
      that these downloads don't seem to be converting into subscribers, at
      least not on a large enough scale to notice.
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