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Blogger & Podcaster Guide deal

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  • Dan Klass
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      > I don¹t know if everyone knows or not, but Blogger & Podcaster magazine has a
      > deal going with USA Today and USAToday.com to print/publish the ³Blogger &
      > Podcaster Guide,² a directory ofŠwell, you can guess. I have NOT seen what
      > the guide will actually look like, but it appears that USA Today (the only
      > newspaper left that¹s making money) is getting behind podcasting (FINALLY!) in
      > a big way, and I think this is a chance for us to get a little mainstream
      > exposure (FINALLY).
      > Of course, this is a money making venture for B&P, so being in the guide day
      > after day and week after week isn¹t free, BUT, Larry Genkin (publisher of B&P)
      > has made a deal with a hand full of companies and podcasters (your truly
      > included) to offer an EXCELLENT DEAL on trying out the guide:
      > After that, 20% OFF THE ON-LINE PRICE.
      > And, 25% OFF THE PRINT PRICE.
      > Since I am a cheap, cheap little man, my thinking is that there¹s nothing to
      > lose in taking the free intro month. There is NO OBLIGATION.
      > This is a great situation. I¹m frankly honored that Larry has asked me to
      > pass this along, and I will stand by it completely. If you have any
      > questions, write me directly and I will get you the answer ASAP.
      > Official details are below.
      > Dan Klass
      > The Bitterest Pill
      > pill@...
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > -------
      > Subject: ³Friends of Dan² Get in USA TODAY
      > Here are the details:
      > Beginning November 5, 2007 USA TODAY is launching ³The Blogger & Podcaster
      > Guide² (think TV Guide for blogs and podcasts). ³The Blogger & Podcaster
      > Guide² will run on both the home page of USATODAY.com every single day
      > (10,400,000 unique visitors daily) and in the print edition of USA TODAY 1x
      > per week (an additional 5,200,000 readers). I believe that listing your
      > content in USA TODAY¹s ³Blogger & Podcaster Guide² is soon going to be a
      > recognized must for anyone serious about building an audience for their
      > blog/podcast.
      > I¹m excited to announce my relatively exclusive partnership agreement with
      > ³The Blogger & Podcaster Guide.² This partnership offers three significant
      > benefits to our fellow podcasters:
      > 1) You will be included in the launch of USA TODAY.com¹s ³Blogger &
      > Podcaster Guide² free of charge for the entire 1st month (Reg. $49.95 per
      > month).
      > 2) If, after the first month, you want to continue promoting your blog or
      > podcast in ³The Blogger & Podcaster Guide² (there¹s no obligation whatsoever.
      > You can take the free month promotion to over 10 million per day and run) all
      > current ³Friends of Dan² will receive a special 20% discount off the regular
      > rates (you¹ll pay only $39.95 per monthŠand can cancel at any time.)
      > 3) The USA TODAY¹s print edition of ³The Blogger & Podcaster Guide² costs
      > $195 per week. However ³Friends of Dan² will save 25% (you pay only $145.)
      > THE HOW-TO:
      > 1) Go to www.bloggerandpodcaster.com/usatoday
      > <http://www.bloggerandpodcaster.com/usatoday>
      > 2) Select ³New User² and go through 6 Step registration process
      > 3) In ³Step 2² be sure to enter ŒDKLASS¹ in Coupon Code box under Option
      > #4. Then click ³Option #4². If you don¹t enter this code, you¹re going to be
      > charge the regular price.
      > Information they should have handy to register is:
      > - Blog/Podcast Name
      > - Website URL
      > - Brief Description (Print only): You can have 75 characters total --
      > including spaces & punctuation ­ between your URL and description
      > - Detailed Description (400 characters max ­ including spaces &
      > punctuation ­ for online guide)
      > - RSS Feed
      > - iTunes Feed (Podcasts only ­ Not mandatory): For info go to
      > http://www.apple.com/itunes/store/podcaststechspecs.html
      > - Up to 10 Keywords related to your blog/podcasts (Not mandatory):
      > Used for search and placements as relevant material on USATODAY.com
      > - Logo/Album Art (Not Mandatory)
      > Please let them know that the guide launches next Wednesday on November 7th,
      > so if they want to be in for the launch they¹ll need to enter their
      > registration asap. It only takes 5 minutes if you have the above information
      > prepared in advance.
      > To confirm, you will receive a free month in the online guide (value $49.95)
      > and if you choose to continue after the trial you¹ll save 20% on the online
      > guide or 25% on the print edition guide.
      > At least take it and run. This could be big indeed. Keep on keeping on,
      > podcasters.
      > Sincerely,
      > - - dK

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