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Interview with Evo and Eley

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  • Michael W. Dean
    (Yeah, I know it s a single episode announcement, but it s with two of the guys who started this list, and it s ALL about podcasting.)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      (Yeah, I know it's a single episode announcement, but it's with two of
      the guys who started this list, and it's ALL about podcasting.)



      Michael W. Dean and Debra Jean Dean have a chat with podcasting OGs
      (”original geeks”) Stephen Eley and Evo Terra.

      These two cats were two of the first ever people podcasting, and they
      are (young) elder statesman of the craft. Stephen Eley runs extremely
      popular sci-fi audiobook podcast, Escape Pod. Evo Terra co-wrote
      Podcasting For Dummies, and runs the extremely popular audio book
      podcast Podiobooks.com.

      Both guys expound at length on the past, present and future of
      portable media.

      Entire episode recorded on location at the 2007 New Media Expo in
      Ontario, California, on the Zoom H2 portable handy recorder.

      (Small excerpts of these were used in the O’Reilly podcast report I
      did, but these are the whole, brilliant, uncut chats.)

      The other interviews I did that week will be going up soon.
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