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Podcasting quick-start guide

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  • Michael W. Dean
    A friend just sent me her first attempt at recording her voice. Asked ... Great writing and delivery. Horrible recording. But it s the limitations of whatever
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2007
      A friend just sent me her first attempt at recording her voice. Asked
      my advice. My advice was:

      Great writing and delivery. Horrible recording.

      But it's the limitations of whatever you're using.

      Get this free program:
      ("Audacity" - great recording and editing program, and it can export
      to MP3 too.)
      record at 16 bit stereo WAV or AIFF, 44.1 hz.

      Save the file.

      Edit the "ums" and coughs out, save the file again.

      Run the file through this free application, The Levelator:

      Use the new file the Levelator produces (has ".output" added to file
      name) to make a new MP3 in Audacity.

      Get this mic:
      costs 67 pounds, kicks ass.

      It's very similar in quality and sound to the MXL mic we used on the
      older SAC episodes (before two months ago), but has built-in USB
      interface, doesn't need a mixer, plugs right into the computer.

      "Ships with a travel case, a desktop microphone stand, a 10-foot USB
      cable, windscreen, an owner’s manual, and an applications guide."

      That's all you need.

      Put the table stand on a folded towel to avoid bumps and street
      noises, and don't bump the table or the mic.

      Record far enough away from the computer to not pick up the fan.
      record in a quiet room. Hang up blankets, deaden the space.

      Wear headphones when you talk so you can find your sweet spot.

      Export to MP3. 128 k, joint stereo, 44.1 hz.

      Add Id3 tags in iTunes (free.)

      This can all be done other ways, but this is the cheapest, quickest
      way I know to do a good recording.

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