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Re: [podcasters] The Wish Book - A Holiday Season Podcast Project

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    Wow, I am ODing on nostalgia! I definitely want to do this. On 10/31/07, Douglas E. Welch - Career Opportunities ... -- -- Laura Ross
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2007
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      Wow, I am ODing on nostalgia!

      I definitely want to do this.

      On 10/31/07, Douglas E. Welch - Career Opportunities <douglas@...>
      > The Wish Book - A Holiday Season Podcast Project
      > A while ago, I came across this site, http://www.wishbookweb.com/, which
      > hosts scanned copies of historical Christmas Catalogs from the
      > 1940s-1980s.
      > As I was flipping through the site, it brought back some great memories of
      > my childhood. As a child, on the cold Winter nights in Ohio, I would often
      > sit for hours flipping through the Christmas catalogs, dreaming of the
      > neat
      > things I might receive (but probably wouldn't) for Christmas. For example,
      > this is one toy I have remembered since my 2nd or 3rd Christmas in 66/67.
      > Bizzy Buzz Buzz. The fact that I can remember the feeling of it in my hand
      > after so many years proves the impact that childhood toys have upon us.
      > So, starting today, I am announcing
      > "The Wish Book - A Holiday Season Podcast Project"
      > to be released in November and December 2007.
      > Here is how you can participate...
      > * Visit The Wish Book site
      > * Find a toy or other object that you remember from your childhood * Tell
      > us
      > a story about the toy or object * In the end, the stories don't have to be
      > based on the catalogs. Tell us your favorite personal holiday story is
      > fine,
      > too
      > Try to include the following information in your recording:
      > * Your Name and Home Town Location i.e. Douglas E. Welch from New London,
      > Ohio
      > * The catalog and page where you found you item (So that others can see a
      > picture of it)
      > * Your story
      > Your story can be whatever you wish -- a real-time discussion with
      > siblings,
      > "hey do you remember that? Didn't you leave that out in the rain?" to
      > amore
      > structured "I remember this..." type of story. Let yourself go! Tell us
      > what
      > made this item so special to you.
      > * Your contact URL (might as well include some link love in the project)
      > (SMILE)
      > If I receive enough submissions for The Wish Book, I will create a daily
      > podcast running from Thanksgiving Day through until Christmas or New
      > Years.
      > How to send in your audio or video?
      > You can send in your audio or video in a number of ways:
      > * Call our Listener Line at 818-804-5049 and leave up to a 3 minute story
      > * Record your audio or video and email it to douglas.welch@...<douglas.welch%40gmail.com>
      > * Mail me a CD or DVD with your story
      > * Email me a URL where I can download your audio or video
      > Please join me in this celebration of the Holiday Season by sharing your
      > memories!
      > PDF Flyer: http://welchwrite.com/blog/pdf/wish-book-project.pdf
      > Douglas
      > --
      > I make computing clear...
      > Computer writing, coaching, consulting and seminars
      > http://www.welchwrite.com/ -- douglas@...<douglas%40welchwrite.com>
      Laura Ross

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