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Re: [podcasters] Re: Podcast ads

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  • David Smith
    ... Well, two things have already been mentioned. Yahoo Groups has a Podcastingannouncements group. And an unobtrusive signature line is allowable -- though
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2007
      It was 29 Oct 2007, when gavalinb commented:

      > Heya,
      > I'm new around here, but I've been one of the advertising offenders -
      > mostly because I didn't quite understand that promoting podcasts
      > wouldn't be welcome.
      > Once it was made clear that we shouldn't do that because, rightly so,
      > the spam would probably get so annoying that people would drop the
      > group, I just accepted the community standard that we don't do ads.
      > I'm cool with that, honestly.
      > However, that leads me to a question the group might be able to help
      > with: Where are some good *legitimate* and non-annoying places to
      > publicize podcasts?

      Well, two things have already been mentioned. Yahoo Groups has a
      Podcastingannouncements group. And an unobtrusive signature line is
      allowable -- though I always worry mine is too long.

      I've found I get a lot of play out of posting to related groups, with
      links in my Sig to the show. I get a couple of clicks-through
      (clickthroughs?) a day just off of that. In related groups, this can be

      One side effect of the Sig thing is that a Google search on a particular
      topic brings up email and newsgroup posts on those topics. Use on-topic
      words in your posts, and post often, your posts come up high on searches,
      along with your sig, with those handy links right there.

      Voice comments to popular, related shows, podcast or radio, with a brief,
      tasteful mention of your show can help. Promo exchanges can be a good

      All comes down to that "related" thing. Hard to know what are related
      groups for my show, for example -- even now, even I'm not quite sure what
      my show is about. Can be true for a lot of shows. Sometimes there are
      none that are really related.

      It may or may not work to have your current listeners mention the show to
      their friends and acquaintances online. But it couldn't hurt to ask.

      When I use music from whatever source, I link back to their website of
      course, and the individual performers are often kind enough to link back
      to my show. It helps I use music related to my topic, and often from
      people like me, and sometimes they become listeners, too.

      Likewise, when you mention any online resource, put in a link in your
      shownotes, and tell them personally that you mentioned them and linked to
      them. They may well return the favor. Their audience hears about you,
      and links to your site also drives you up in the search engines. Same
      with interviews with experts on your particular topic, if you can get 'em.
      Worth trying, anyway.

      And then there's text blogging. They tell me search engines love text
      blogs, because it's easily searched content that changes a lot. Blog
      about your topic, too, with links to your podcast. I do a separate blog,
      so I don't overload my podcast feed.

      That's all I can think of off the top of my head. What'd I miss,

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