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RE: [podcasters] Re: Receive new releases, directly available for airplay

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  • Steven R. Boyett
    Thank you very much! I m actually relieved my fairly arrogant reaction got a positive response. I was in a crappy mood when I got that release and had this
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 25, 2007
      Thank you very much! I'm actually relieved my fairly arrogant reaction got a
      positive response. I was in a crappy mood when I got that release and had
      this sorta "I'll show you" attitude. But as a DJ I get amateurishly written
      press releases from music labels all the time, and I'd be amused if it
      weren't so pathetic to see that they clearly don't understand how much this
      detracts from their credibility instead of spreading their message. I don't
      think it's a coincidence that the only band I ever featured based on a press
      release (Techno Squirrels) also had the most polished release I've received.

      I also think that one of the reasons Podrunner and Groovelectric have been
      able to stand out from a plethora of DJ mixes out there is because of my
      years, professional and otherwise, of writing larcenously exploitative promo
      copy. (Hell, in a certain sense fiction itself, which I've published a bunch
      of, can be viewed as larcenously exploitative promo copy.) Podcasters tend
      to focus on audio and video -- even to the extent that the written word is
      no longer automatically lumped in with the horribly balkanized word "media"
      -- but I think it's a mistake to disregard the persuasive value of the good
      writing, even if it is intended only as a way to lead someone to your

      Steve Boyett
      www.djsteveboy.com <http://www.djsteveboy.com/>
      Podcasts: "Groovelectric" / "Podrunner"


      From: Wade Rockett [mailto:wade@...]
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      Subject: [podcasters] Re: Receive new releases, directly available for

      I read the first few lines of the original version and moved on, not
      sure what it was about and assuming that it wasn't for me.

      Then I read the opening sentence of Steve's draft and thought, Hey!
      That sounds kind of cool - maybe I should read the rest, and check out
      the service!

      Good copyediting is a thing of beauty.

      --- In podcasters@yahoogro <mailto:podcasters%40yahoogroups.com> ups.com,
      "Steven R. Boyett" <steve@...> wrote:
      > Some corrections. The hazards of editing via cut & paste.
      > Dear Podcast owner (Willem here, no spammer!):
      > Mymusiconradio.com is an efficient way to receive free releases from
      > unsigned artists and independent record companies within your
      favorite music
      > genre(s) .
      > How does it work?
      > Determine which genres you prefer, then login and find out which new
      > releases you've received. For example, if you prefer heavy metal
      > you won't receive jazz. You can listen to
      > any release for 45 seconds, and if you believe your listeners will
      like it,
      > you can download the track for
      > free. All tracks are high-quality, 320Kbps mp3s. In addition, you
      > all relevant release information:
      > . Title
      > . Name Band/artist
      > . Country of origin
      > . Contact details from artist or label
      > . ISRC code
      > Why we do this:
      > Mymusiconradio.com focuses on music promotion. We work with thousands of
      > artists and record companies, who determine which releases will be
      on our
      > lists. We know
      > airplay is important to artists and labels, no matter how popular a
      > is. You can help these artists,
      > and we make sure you can easily download the tracks for free. Play the
      > tracks you want, when you want to.
      > There are no costs for this service, and there will never be! If you are
      > interested in mymusiconradio.com,
      > please reply to this e-mail. We will send you a username and password as
      > soon as our new user-admin panel is available.
      > _____
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