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  • Ramble Redhead
    FYI Libsyn BS ... From: support@libsyn.com Date: Aug 25, 2007 4:21 PM Subject: Cannot find libsyn.com To: rambleredhead@gmail.com Dear
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      FYI Libsyn BS

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: support@... <support@...>
      Date: Aug 25, 2007 4:21 PM
      Subject: Cannot find libsyn.com
      To: rambleredhead@...

      Dear Libsyn users-

      I would first like to apologize for this email coming as late as it
      is. On thursday, 8/23 at approx 2:30pm EST there as a misconfiguration
      of DNS records sent out to the registrar which holds libsyn.com. This
      mistake quickly propagated around the internet in a matter of minutes,
      and despite our rapid response to correct the problem, there was a
      window where name servers around the globe stored and is currently
      saving the incorrect information. Initially we felt we had caught the
      error in time and that the effects would be minimal. We posted to the
      normal channels- support.libsyn.com about the issue. Several hours
      later, as we started to see reports of the outage (as users couldn't
      email us, cause the domain name was not resolving) we jumped back into
      the DNS issue and got on the phone w/ our registrar to see what they
      could do. Our registrar could not offer any solution to the problem
      other then waiting for servers around the world to correct themselves.
      They estimated it would take 24 hours or less. We are now approaching
      48 hours and a portion of our users, and our users audience are still
      unable to resolve any .libsyn.com domains.

      We continue to go back and forth with our registrar to see if there is
      ANYTHING we can do to speed up the global re-caching of our name
      servers to the proper settings. They keep telling us there is nothing
      anyone can do to force local, or regional DNS caches to expire.
      There's a few layers of caching that occurs to make the Internet work,
      it seems.

      1) source name servers- this is the ones we control. We can make
      changes and they are done instantly cause we control them
      2) global/regional name servers- this is where our registrar pushes
      out the information we tell them. These we don't control and update
      slower then our source
      3) local/ISP name servers- this is where your home computer gets its
      info from. They are run by the internet service providers (like
      Comcast or Verizon for example). These we don't control either and
      update at their own rate.
      4) home computer- finally, your computer keeps its own cache so it
      doesn't have to hit your ISP's name servers everytime you hit a
      website you visit often. We definitely can't control these. We suggest
      a reboot of your computer to possibly kick-start your computer's dns

      We apologizes for the repercussions of this error. We are doing
      everything in our power to bring full service back to all users.

      Since the standard network communication channels
      http://support.libsyn.com and email (support@...) were not able
      to be seen either, we have opened up some emergency channels which we
      will use in the future if there are issues regarding libsyn.com.
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