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Re: "Awareness" in feedburner

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  • Michael W. Dean
    ... =============== Thank you, Steve. MWD
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 21, 2007
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      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Eley" <SFEley@...> wrote:
      > On 8/21/07, Michael W. Dean <kittyfeet70@...> wrote:
      > > Should it be turned on? What are the pros and cons?
      > The Feedburner Awareness API allows access to your Feedburner
      > subscriber stats from outside applications. Whether you should turn
      > it on depends on -- well, whether you want to allow access to your
      > Feedburner subscriber stats from outside applications.
      > I have it on for mine -- I don't mind people knowing my subscriber
      > counts. In fact, I have a widget on the Escape Pod site that displays
      > it publicly. I also have the FB dashboard widget on my Mac so that,
      > with one press of a button, I can find out my day's subscriber counts
      > for Escape Pod, Escape Pod Classic, Pseudopod, Scott Sigler's feed,
      > and a few others.
      > Oh, and as a secondary effect, turning on the Awareness API will also
      > allow your podcast to be listed in the Top 100 Subscribers listing on
      > Podfeed.net. (http://www.podfeed.net/feedburner_rankings.asp) I
      > don't think that's a big deal, but it's one of the very few places
      > where anybody can research anything about podcast audience sizes, so
      > take it for what it's worth.
      > --
      > Have Fun,
      > Steve Eley (sfeley@...)
      > ESCAPE POD - The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine
      > http://www.escapepod.org
      Thank you, Steve.

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