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Re: [podcasters] Easy DIY: Creating any number of podcast channels from the one Blogger blog

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  • Shawn Thorpe
    ... You can also do this with WordPress and podPress, using category feeds. It s pretty easy. On my personal blog (Shawnogram), I have RSS feeds with
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 14, 2007
      On 8/12/07, Ratbag Radio <ratbagradio@...> wrote:
      > I know I have posted on this topic before here but I have since come
      > upon a useful discovery.
      > In case others aren't ware of it....
      > I run my podcasts and blogs on Blogger blogs and I've been looking for
      > various ways to harness the audio for different presentations. One way
      > is to link media on del.ic.ious and harness the tag feeds created
      > there to foster different streams/channels with their own feeds.(EG:
      > "Interviews"; "Music"; "Comedy", etc)
      > This is how community radio station NimFM< radio does it here in
      > Australia
      > However I now use the exciting NEO template --available for Blogger
      > http://hackosphere.blogspot.com/2006/12/now-available-neo-template.html
      > NEO is an extremely fast load that also offers you the ability to
      > harvest the full power of Blogger labels.
      > Create a Label on Neo and each label will generate its own (atom)feed
      > in front of your eyes as any label can be subscribed to.
      > Now if you take that feed with audio links/enclosures on it and
      > process it through Feedburner to create RSS 2.0 you have an easily
      > created bona fide podcast.
      > While I guess feed creation from labels is rather common now.(I'm not
      > sure what WordPress offers in that regard) -- the advantage of this
      > system over del.icious. is that you can link back to the show notes
      > whereas del.icious could only offer a link to the media and a limited
      > number of show notes characters.\
      > \
      > It was cumbersome and "off site'.
      > The other great plus is that you can run the one blog site and post
      > anything you like to it -- audio, text, slideshows and offer a link to
      > subscribe to the site's podcast by labeling all audio accordingly . So
      > now on my blogs I can offer a link which reads like : "Listen to all
      > the audio published/shared on this blog".
      > And when I use the great Big Contact feed player as a Flash Player link:
      > http://www.bigcontact.com/feedplayer.php?xmlurl=
      > its' like offering my own radio station with any range of programing--
      > as I've done here:
      > http://leftclickblog.blogspot.com/
      > Labeling is so easy -- the complicated part is processing though
      > Feedbuner as it takes you all of three minutes to do that!
      > So if you blogged and were thinking of podcasting -- here is the way
      > to craete a podcast from within your present blogging platform without
      > having to go elsewhere to set up.
      > And even if you only wanted to showcase audio you shared on your blog
      > -- this protocol will work so very well too.
      > dave riley
      > .

      You can also do this with WordPress and podPress, using category feeds.
      It's pretty easy. On my personal blog (Shawnogram), I have RSS feeds with
      enclosures set for any entries categorized with "audio podcast" or "video
      podcast." That way, if someone wants to receive only those types of files,
      then that's all they'll get. Of course, they can get everything by
      subscribing to the site's main feed.

      -Shawn "Shawno Gordo" Thorpe
      Hyper Nonsense - Talk, comedy, music and more!

      Shawnogram - Content = life.

      Phantom Power Media - Bloggy, podcasty

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