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Re: [podcasters] A chance to highlight your podcast

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    ACK! Just hit send and realized what we did. :-/ Sorry everyone on the list. We¹re heading out the door to a b-day celebration and accidentally sent the email
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 13, 2007
      ACK! Just hit send and realized what we did. :-/

      Sorry everyone on the list. We¹re heading out the door to a b-day
      celebration and accidentally sent the email to everybody on the list and not
      just Rick. Apologies all around.

      We¹re off to drink wine and be happy.

      Hope everyone has a great weekend.

      Jennifer & Jackie

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      Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 13:44:00 -0500
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      Subject: [podcasters] A chance to highlight your podcast

      My "day" job involves working at a Twin Cities-based company called
      Internet Broadcasting. We run about 70 or so web sites for local TV
      stations. Everything from WNBC.com in NYC to WTOV9.com in Stubenville,


      Many of our local sites have long done podcasts, but I've been working
      on some podcasts and other content that is being produced here by our
      national staff.

      Which brings me to the point of this.

      One of my projects is a new section which will highlight the
      contributions of individuals, from photo submissions to music to
      podcasts. The pitch is that *you* are the star of this section.

      I want to highlight some individual podcasts as part of this. I'm
      guessing perhaps 2 or 3 a week (depending on how quickly I rotate them
      through). It's a chance to get some new listeners and highlight your

      I'm not looking for any type of podcast in particular, it could be
      music-driven, simply commentary, devoted to a specific genre. It could
      be a wildly successful podcast, or one that only has a few listeners.

      I already have a few in mind (ones that I already listen to), but I
      want to cast as wide a net as possible with this. I want to try and
      get a good mix of subjects, and the bigger pool I have to work with,
      the better.

      I honestly have no idea how this will impact your subscription rate,
      especially at the beginning. But as an FYI, the IB sites collectively
      grab about 20 million plus unique visitors a month. Not that 20
      million people will see the profiles, but it's not a small audience,

      If you're interested, I need a couple of things from you.

      1) A link to your RSS feed (or however you want people to subscribe).
      Are you in iTunes?

      2) A logo, picture of yourself or something I can use as a blurb
      image. Ideally, at least 400x300 pixels.

      3) A short, first person explanation of your podcast, why you're doing
      it, etc. Don't sound like sales pitch. But talk about what people can
      expect. A soft, casual approach will do much better with our audience.

      5) Make sure to tell me where you're located. If we have a local
      site/station near you, I'll pitch them on the piece as well.

      A couple of caveats. I'm dealing with a number of media partners here
      in a number of different sized markets. At least initially, I want to
      focus on more family friendly podcasts.

      Also, I can't promise I'll get to everyone. And honestly, if you're
      podcast just sounds terrible, I wouldn't do either of us any good by
      promoting it. But I know what it's like to get people to listen, and
      want to help if I can.

      Please respond to my work address rellis@...
      <mailto:rellis%40ibsys.com> .

      The soft launch date is around the first of August.

      BTW, if you have an office or buisness-related podcast, I might have
      another spot for you, as well.

      Thanks in advance,

      Rick Ellis
      Internet Broadcasting
      rellis@... <mailto:rellis%40ibsys.com>

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