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Re: [podcasters] Experience with Shure Microflex series?

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  • Richard Amirault
    ... From: Rusty Tanton To: Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 11:25 AM Subject: [podcasters] Experience
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      Subject: [podcasters] Experience with Shure Microflex series?

      > Anyone have experience with the Shure Microflex series of boundary mics
      > (MX391, MX392 or MX393)? We frequently record groups of 4-8 people, and in
      > our new space it would be very cumbersome to set up the cardoid condenser
      > mics we have in front of everyone. Setting one or two of these up seems
      > ideal for this setting if they work as advertised, but I'd like to hear
      > from
      > anyone who might have used them whether that's the case.

      I don't have any experience with those .. but I do use a Crown Sound Grabber
      II for video use. I like it a lot .. considering the alternatives. My use
      is to record a panel discussion at Science Fiction conventions. I put the
      mic on the head table (with all the pannelists) and use a wireless
      transmitter to get it back to the camcorder. MUCH better than using an
      on-camera mic .. or even a shotgun. Not as good as putting individual mics
      in front of each pannelists .. but there is not enough time for that.

      BAD? You'll pick up "table noise" and if someone is tapping a pencil or
      shuffling papers or opening a piece of candy near the mic .. you'll pick it
      up as well.

      Richard Amirault
      Boston, MA, USA
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