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SplashCast -- Letter To Podcasting Community

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  • ahwfour_1027
    Dear Podcasters: Hi, I m Alex Williams, director of community development at SplashCast . I am also the founder of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2007
      Dear Podcasters:

      Hi, I'm Alex Williams, director of community development at SplashCast
      <http://www.splashcastmedia.com/> . I am also the founder of the Podcast
      Hotel <http://www.podcasthotel.com/> , a small event you may have heard
      of that we just did in San Francisco.

      SplashCast is launching a new feature to its product this week called
      MyPodcastNetwork <http://www.splashcastmedia.com/mypodcastnetwork> that
      allows the video or audio enclosures in any RSS feed to be displayed
      within a SplashCast player on any web page. This will make every page on
      the web an avenue for live distribution of multiple shows, meaning that
      any web page could display the most recent episodes of any audio or
      video program. Additionally, the new feature allows people to make their
      own personal channels that they can display on their personal start page
      or aggregator of choice. The result is a new way for podcasters to
      distribute their shows.

      It is important for us that we keep an open dialogue with podcasters
      about the features we are adding and how the service will be improved in
      the future for any podcaster, be they producing audio or video programs.

      We have created a Podcast FAQ <http://splashcastmedia.com/podcasterfaq/>
      ,which we hope will answer the questions you may have about how the
      SplashCast service will work. We have several new features that will be
      added, which are addressed in the FAQ.

      We hope to be ongoing participants in the podcasting community so please
      let us know what you think of the product. It's a work in progress that
      can improve based on community feedback.

      Thank you!

      Alex Williams
      Director of Community Development

      Marshall Kirkpatrick
      Director of Content

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