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Press Release: Win an iPod, Fight Vaginal Yeast with Madge Weinstein

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  • Rishey
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHICAGO, IL- March 1, 2005--What s loud, cheap, easy, and has revolutionized the music industry? If you are thinking legendary rock
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      CHICAGO, IL- March 1, 2005--What's loud, cheap, easy, and has
      revolutionized the music industry?

      If you are thinking legendary rock manager and lesbian activist Madge
      Weinstein...think again! Apple's ubiquitous iPod portable music
      has finally surpassed Madge Weinstein as the gadget on everybody's
      lips. In keeping with her "if you can't beat 'em join em" philosphy
      Madge will be giving away an IPod shuffle (512mb version)
      every week to a lucky listener of her Podcast. For five
      consecutive weeks, beginning March 1st, 2005, attentive listeners
      be given the opportunity to win a special Madge Weinstein edition
      iPod. The iPod comes loaded with the initial Madge podcasts that
      ignited a talk radio firestorm. These podcasts are rare and
      unavailable anywhere else. In addition the custom "MadgePod" has
      other unique features.

      "These are hot," says the outspoken Madge, "Those pretentious wankers
      in U2 might have fancy laser etching on their iPods, but I personally
      guarantee that each of these have been rubbed on my vagina!"

      Only listeners to Madge's Podcasts at www.yeastradio.com
      will be given this exclusive opportunity. You need to listen to win!

      What's the catch? There isn't one. In addition to being a lesbian
      entertainment mogul, Madge Weinstein is known as a generous
      philanthropist on behalf of divergent charities. By giving away free
      iPods, Madge Weinstein hopes to draw attention to one of her pet
      causes--Vaginal Yeast!

      "This might seem hard to believe but more people actually suffer from
      Vaginal Yeast than own iPods." the modest maven contunues, "I am just
      trying to do my part towards reversing that trend."

      How can you help? Wash often, wear cotton panties, and listen to
      Radio...you might just win a free IPod.

      About Madge Weinstein:

      Madge Weinstein- saucy, outspoken breast cancer survivor and
      opinionated lesbian activist is taking talk radio by storm! Hear her
      intimate and insightful pronouncements on love, life, and vaginas via
      her podcast radio program located at

      "You may not know me if you don't read the tabloids, but I'm a very
      famous lesbian" - Madge Weinstein

      A legendary backstage powerbroker in the entertainment industry, for
      too many years Madge has literally been "the wind beneath the wings"
      of an A-list roster of talent. Madge Weinstein finally steps out from
      the shadows of her many celebrity clients to deliver the sort of
      candid wit and wisdom that has cemented her reputation as one tough
      lesbian broad.

      Former MTV VJ and new media visionary Adam Curry has had the
      opportunity to behold Madge in her new role as "Lesbian of All
      "It's almost like Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, and Rush Limbaugh had a
      lovechild and out popped Madge."

      Not surprisingly, Madge has proven to be a natural in front of her
      adoring public. She is swiftly emerging as a strong role model for
      young girls all across America.

      "The only reason I like being famous is because I get to have sex
      hot young women!"

      Beneath her abrasive coating, however, Madge has a heart of gold. She
      is well known for her advocacy on a variety of women's issues
      including her long tenure as a spokeswoman on behalf of women
      suffering from Vaginal Yeast.

      "Vaginal Yeast is MUCH worse than Breast Cancer. Vaginal Yeast
      ALL women, while breast cancer only affects a minority. Vaginal Yeast
      itches and burns constantly, while with breast cancer, you hardly
      it's there, except for chemo and death."

      Some may be familiar with Madge as manager of the popular Grrrl rock
      band, Goddess Riot Juice. Her unique perspectives on everything
      from Lesbian Feminists of Color to Vaginal Yeast can be seen at
      Chicago's annual Feast of Fools performances. You can view more of
      Madge in her video journals at http://insanefilms.com She is
      single and lives in Chicago with her dog, Chauncey. Young ladies,
      check out her podcast, http://YeastRadio.com

      For more information contact bloatedlesbian@...


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