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Re: Ego vs being on a MISSION

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  • Michael W. Dean
    ... ===== WOW! Listening now, and loving it, with the wife. (we re parents, but kids are adults, out of the house, and we got married in our 40s. Loving it.)
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2007
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      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "Christine Fisher" <podcast@...> wrote:
      > On 29 Mar 2007 01:57:10 -0700, Michael W. Dean <kittyfeet70@...>
      > wrote:
      > Why do you podcast? Is it just for the simple warm fuzzy ego boosts,
      > or do you believe you're changing the world?...on a MISSION?
      > I'm most definitely on a mission......
      > There are thousands of voices pushing parenthood. I want people to
      > really think about the major lifechanging choice of having kids, to
      > evaluate their capacity and wilingness to take on those responsibilities
      > and sacrifices, not just the Kodak moments.....

      WOW! Listening now, and loving it, with the wife. (we're parents, but
      kids are adults, out of the house, and we got married in our 40s.
      Loving it.) We've subscribed, and will be recommending you on both our
      podcasts next week.

      I am also a fixed kitty, got fixed 8 years ago (when I lifed in
      Frisko. Got it done, in Marin, at Planned Parenthood, for free.
      Interesting too....they made me come back three times, to make sure I
      "really wanted it." Reminded me of a waiting period to buy a gun.

      I told the lady at Planned Parenthood "I think they should make you
      have three interviews to have kids, and spay and neuter people on
      street corners for free with no wait." She agreed.

      Debra Jean tried to get fixed 23 years ago, in the hospital after
      having her second child, and they wouldn't do it. Told her "What if
      you change your mind????"

      Kids are nifty, but the world population has doubled in my life time,
      and that's causing a lot of the problems.

      And there's something damn nifty about being a child-free couple in
      love. Sleep in late, more time, more money, etc. The wife is sitting
      next to me editing a podcast, I've taught her how, and we realize if
      we had toddlers they'red be no time and no quiet for that.

      They used to give people a free transistor radio in India for getting
      fixed. I think they should start doing this again in the US, and give
      people an iPod for getting fixed.

      Episode 0030 of Clone The Homeless http://www.clonethehomeless.com/
      is mostly us walking around a mall muttering to ourselves, "BAAAAH!
      Childeren! EWEEEEEEEEE" for about an hour.

      P/s, I love this:
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